5 Tips for Naturally Getting Your Baby to Sleep

5 Tips for Naturally Getting your Baby to Sleep

Getting enough rest is the biggest concern of any parent. Here are five ways to encourage your baby to embrace sweet slumber.

The Nature of Things

Newborns have an internal mechanism that controls sleep. While they cannot yet differentiate between day or night, this mechanism is linked to their need to feed. For the first two months a newborn baby may wake multiple times per night before noticing organization of sleep patterns.

Creating a bedtime ritual can be helpful in beginning to establishing an association with sleep. We recommend using Morrocco Method Heavenly Essence Shampoo in your baby’s bath. The soothing smells of wintergreen, clary sage and rosemary will help relax  and settle your baby for the night.

Balancing Meals

Mothers who breastfeed may be awakened by stirring babies more frequently. For instance, during breastfeeding there is no way to know how much a baby is eating in each meal. In contrast babies that bottle feed may sleep for longer periods of time. This is because formula takes longer to digest and the baby may be eating more in one meal. Whichever method you choose, establishing a routine early may help you adjust activities to encourage deeper sleep for longer periods of time.

Natural Light

Newborns will sleep with little regard for what time it is. Day-night reversal is a common phenomenon in the early weeks of a newborn’s life. The best way to get your baby’s circadian rhythm on the right track is exposing them to natural light first thing in the morning.  Keeping them stimulated with activity and play during the day, and reducing lighting and keep their environment quiet to encourage sleep at night. By 6 weeks of age babies begin to respond to environmental cues like light and darkness. Taking advantage of this simple method you can set your baby up for sleep success.

Addressing Change

Change in your baby’s environment can create sleep issues. Moving, vacation, illness, or even developmental milestones can all cause sleep disturbances. The biggest reason for relapsed poor sleep behavior is the need for comfort.

You may need to repeat old steps in sleep training to get back on track. Scent and emotion are closely tied. Therefore natural botanical aromas found in Morrocco Method Heavenly Essence Baby Shampoo or Sea Essence Baby Shampoo, may help promote feelings of safety and comfort allowing your baby to sleep more peacefully.

The Sleep They Need

One study of 405 mothers with infants showed that babies who followed a bedtime routine went to sleep easier. When your baby isn’t sleepy at the same time every night, their daytime sleep routine may need tweaking or evening activities need to be more calm and peaceful.

Another way to help ensure an easier transition to sleep is giving a gentle massage.  A few drops of Morrocco Method Euro Oil will help nourish your baby’s skin. While natural lavender and rose oils help promote calming.

Every child occasionally has periods of poor sleep patterns. When this happens know that you’re not going to be sleepless forever, because at some point every baby will sleep.

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