6 Styling Tips for Healthy Hair

There’s probably a million-and-one ways to style your hair. We’ve got our reasons; for fashion, for function, for convenience …but what about the notion of styling your hair for its overall health? Sometimes, it’s not just products that can hurt your hair- it can be damaged from the way you wear it. Learn about the do’s and don’ts of hair styling and how you can prevent damage and promote growth from something as simple as the way you do your do.

Up Do’s and Don’ts

Fitness woman making ponytailIf you’ve got an active life style, keeping your hair out of your face is probably a daily priority. A ponytail might be a convenient way to keep locks under control, but it could be hurting your hair more than you think. When you need to keep those fly-away’s in check, remember a few important rules:

1. NEVER use rubber bands!

Using elastic or rubber bands in your hair is nearly as bad as using chemicals! Opt for a fabric hair tie instead. You can even use some everyday objects to put hair up. Try using small pieces of fabric, part of a nylon stocking, or even reusable chopsticks for styling.

2. Add variety, NOT heatUnhappy Young Woman with Two Hairstylists

Add variety to your hair routine and keep your styles loose, too. This will help from damaging the same hair strands over and over, especially if you’re using elastic that can cause breakage. Try switching up your look by styling your ponytail low, high, or even to the side. Also, avoid any up-do’s that require teasing or hot styling tools.

3. Protect wet hair

Swimming can do a number on your scalp and hair health, because hair is even more vulnerable to damage when it’s wet. Always take the option to use a swim cap, and try loosely twisting hair into a high bun underneath it.  f you can’t use a swim cap, protectively style your hair in braids when swimming. Spray ends with a leave-in conditioner to prevent breakage and splitting, too.

Beauty Sleep

Hair care is a 24/7 job! Protecting your hair before bedtime can do more than prevent bed head; it can even set your style for the next day. To keep hair healthy even while you’re asleep, Morrocco Method suggests keeping a few things in mind:

1. Brush hair before bed

pureBefore you sleep, run a brush with natural bristles through your hair starting from root to tip. This promotes health by moving the scalp’s natural oils through your hair.

2. Try an overnight oil treatment

One of the easiest ways to quench your hair’s thirst is to do it while you sleep. Wake up to a natural morning glow by treating your tresses with natural oils before hitting the sheets. Overnight oil treatments will stimulate the scalp’s sebaceous glands, repair breakage, and promote shine.

3. Style for sleep

Want to tame hair while you’re asleep? Try putting it up in foam rollers or twist it into a top knot after brushing hair and massaging scalp with natural oils. Then, cover hair by wrapping it up in a silk or satin scarf, too. You can even shorten your morning routine by using these techniques to create natural waves while you snooze, worry-free!

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