Blunt Snip Haircut: What, How & Where Explained By Anthony!

It is of vital importance that you do your blunt snip haircut in accordance with Morrocco  Method’s Lunar Hair Chart  to revitalize your hair for lengthening, thickening, strengthening, beautifying and root work.

blunt snip haircut, Morrocco Method, When you (or your hairdresser) decide on the appropriate calendar date, be sure to use the Blunt Snip Haircut Technique. It gives the best results with all hair types and is adaptable for virtually any style. At world-renowned Kenneth’s Salon in New York City, Anthony Morrocco specialized in this first-rate technique for A-list clients including Jackie Kennedy and Lauren Bacall. Now the for some do’s and don’ts:

Do’s and Don’t of the Blunt Snip Haircut

DO– cut your hair while it’s wet

DO-section your hair, it should incorporate careful shaping in the blunt snip haircut to prevent a chopped look

DON’T– layer unless your hair is extremely short

DON’T– use “undercutting”

DON’T– use a razor to trim or cut

On the subject of other people, there are a few key points to keep in mind if you’re having someone do your lunar-coordinated cut in a salon. Always insist upon a blunt snip haircut on wet hair. If your hair isn’t uniformly one length, holding sectioned strands out and trimming on  the same incline-angle as they grow will work, whether you are doing  the cut yourself or enlisting professional assistance.

Sometimes in the salon environment it can be quite tempting to participate in and encourage a lot of chatter with your hairdresser. Countless hair cuts have been ruined by this carelessness. Instead, do your best to focus on the accuracy of your trim, making sure the beauty operator does not turn your appointment into a social gossip hour during which too much gets sheared off.

Communicating with Your Hair Dresser

Think of your head of hair as a work of art – to which the artisan must apply enough skill and respect to STOP when creation is complete. Making a conscious decision to quiet your mind beforehand and/or doing silent meditation during the blunt snip haircut are much preferable to what usually goes on. If you politely explain that you’d like a tranquil atmosphere, most stylists will understand. Many of them secretly welcome a reprieve from the ceaseless chatter and nerve-wracking decibel levels so prevalent in modern salons! If you want to do some extra-curricular “friending” with your hair care person, fine. But make a coffee date for after-hours instead, when you can both enjoy a chance to relax and chat – without jeopardizing the outcome of your hair cut.

In good health and good hair,

Anthony Morrocco

For those of you who are ready to start your own hair cutting journey, check out our free video series with holistic hair cutting professional, Linda Deslauriers!

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