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This section contains articles featuring Morrocco Method’s natural hair color, the henna plant.

Henna Hair Color Transformation Banner

Amazing Henna Hair Transformations

Henna hair dye is an all-natural alternative to traditional chemical dyes. It’s amazing the colors you can achieve with only three simple …

MM Growing Pains: Our Henna

MM Growing Pains: Our Henna

Remember when we called for testers of our new blonde mix? That was just the start; we are actually changing the way …

Seaweed fro Health and Beauty

Seaweed for Health & Beauty

I used to know only of the seaweed on the beach at the seaside. I learned all about the different seaweeds (also …

Lighten hair naturally

How To Lighten Hair Naturally

I love my naturally blonde hair, but I’m always looking for new way to lighten hair naturally. As summer heats up you …