Conditioning for Summer

The summer months bring lots of fun in the sun, hours relaxing at the beach or sitting by the pool, along with other outdoor activities. All of this seemingly innocent exposure to the natural elements can actually be hard and damaging to your hair and scalp. During this period is it important to cleanse, condition, and nurture your hair. For the ultimate conditioning during the summer, a simple to use 3 conditioner program is ideal.

The products that make up the Morrocco Method Classic Conditioner hair care line each possess unique properties, designed to be used together for optimal conditioning. Here is a review of each of the three conditioners unique benefits and properties and how they work to condition and help beautify the hair.

Diamond Crystal Mist

Conditioning and moisturizing your hair with natural herbs and oils has been a method used for thousands of years, and is an ideal regimen for the optimal care and maintenance of your hair.

One of the most effective all-natural oil conditioners available in the marketplace today is Diamond Crystal Mist. Some of the features of Diamond Crystal Mist include:

  • Instant spray-on conditioner and moisturizer
  • Excellent for sensitive scalps, and for gray or white hair
  • Beneficial for all types of hair
    -normal, dry or oily hair
    -hair that is lifeless, frizzy, has split ends, dull, or difficult to manage
  • Restorative for hair that has been synthetically colored, permed, and/or overexposed to the sun

Volumizer Mist

Volumizer Mist is a natural hair spray used to replace all supposedly “natural” but toxic hair sprays, mousses and gels that are currently being marketed. Its natural Grapeseed Extract has a thickening effect, thus making for a thicker head of hair with increased body and texture. Your hair will be more manageable and easier to style and the mist will help increase hair volume by 50% or more, resulting in the appearance of a more luxurious look. Our natural hair spray works wonders with dry, unruly, fly-away or split end hair, leaving it noticeably more manageable than before.

Diamond Crystal Mist and Volumizer Mist Hair Spray are versatile, highly innovative, all-purpose conditioners that are ideal for hair ofall types and ages. They may well be the natural moisturizers and conditioners you have been looking for. The essential oils in our Volumizer Mist will condition, nurture and give life-healing properties to your hair and scalp, all day and all night. Spray it on – Leave it in – Look and Feel Great!

Euro Oil

Conditioning your hair with natural hair oils has been practiced in ancient and modern cultures throughout the world, and is an excellent regimen for the optimal care and maintenance of your hair. Natural hair oils, whose vital chemicals have not been contaminated or destroyed by processing, have a nurturing, stimulating effect on the hair follicles and scalp that cultivates the growth and luster of your hair.

As the oil is absorbed into the hair and scalp, penetrating the hair shafts and roots, the natural vitality of the oils is transferred to your hair, enlivening both the active and dormant hair roots and follicles, conditioning the hair and stimulating “new” hair growth throughout the entire scalp. Regular treatments with natural hair oils enhance the holistic maintenance of your hair, especially when you are using MM shampoos!

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