WIN A Year’s Supply of Henna Hair Color

What’s the Contest?

Morrocco Method henna users: Here’s your chance to win a major prize from MM! We’re looking for before and after photos that illustrate the wonders of all-natural coloring techniques. Contest ends 10/31, Halloween!

Share your MM henna hair color and win a year supply of MM henna!

How Do I Enter?

  1. Take a picture of yourself before you henna your hair
  2. Use MM Henna
  3. Take a picture of your amazing new look!
  4. Email with your before and after pictures, along with what color(s) you used.

What Can I WIN?

You can win a Year’s Supply of MM Henna! That’s right, 12 jars of henna, one for each month, are yours just for sharing your photos!

Please note that by submitting your pictures you are giving Morrocco Method permission to use these photos as testimonials on our social media sites. If you do not wish for your pictures to be posted please specify in your email.

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