Deep Conditioning: Creative Ways to Use MM Conditioners

deep conditioningWhile deep conditioning is important to any hair care routine many of MM’s conditioners have multi-use properties. Some of our customers have come put with some pretty creative ways to use MM conditioners for other things besides deep conditioning.

Pearl Essence Cream Rinse: Deep Conditioning While You Finger Detangle

Our Pearl Essence Cream Rinse is a great product for people with curly hair. While it nourishes and deep conditions our hair it also has other multi-uses. One customer uses it as a shaving cream! However, blogger Triciana Burke uses this Cream Rinse in her finger-detangle routine. To see her process check out this video.

Zen Detox: Facial Masque

The Zen Detox is a great way to detox as well as condition your hair. One of it’s other multi-use functions is that the Zen Detox makes a great facial masque. The steps are easy. Simply mix the Zen Detox like us usually do. Only this time apply it to your face, or better yet do both treatments at the same time.

Diamond Crystal and Agave Mist: Flexi Rod Set

Triciana Burke has another creative use for one of our MM conditioners. Since curly hair always needs a good conditioning, why not deep condition while you style? Triciana uses our Diamond Crystal Mist and Agave Mist to help her define her curls with a Flexi Rod Set. To see her technique check out this video:

If you have any suggestions for our Conditioners besides deep conditioning we would love to hear them!

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