DIY Body Care: Skin & Lips

We talked about the second part of DIY Body Care: Teeth & Face. Now it’s all about moisturizing the largest organ of the body: the skin! Check out these tips for DIY body care to keep you chemical free.

Simple Skin Salve

Lemongrass Salve - Click for Recipe
Lemongrass Salve – Click for Recipe

With your skin being your largest organ, it is vital that you nourish, feed and care for your skin properly. What you slather on your body is absorbed and a good rule of thumb for me is “if I can’t eat then no way is it going on my skin!”

This simple salve is so easy to make, and depending on what ingredients are used, it can be used in a variety of ways. I like to make a salve for my baby’s bottom, and am working on a salve to cure my grandma’s itchy eczema. Salves really are the work horse of the natural body care staples.

Beautiful Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter - Click for recipe
Whipped Body Butter – Click for recipe

For fun, we whipped up a body butter that I was using as an all-over lotion. Heavy on the shea butter, it is very healing and moisturizing. It goes on like a lotion, yet rubs in like an oil. I was really enjoying until DH stole it all to shave with. So I guess you could call it a whipped shave cream as well!

Best Lip Balm

And my personal favorite; because I’m a grump if my lips are chapped, is a lavender and calendula lip balm with home-grown flowers and beeswax from our backyard bees. It was easy to make and the recipe makes about 25 at a time, so I always have plenty for myself and extra for sweet little gifts. The chapstick shares many of the same ingredients as the salve, so it’s a nice all purpose stick in a pinch. I really appreciate that about natural products, there endless ability to perform double duty!

Lavender-Calendula Lip Balm - Click for Recipe
Lavender-Calendula Lip Balm – Click for Recipe

Taking the time to craft our own personal effects is important to my family and I. Often times, (if I am lucky enough to shower alone and not with a toddler), I feel spoiled and pampered when I “scrub up naturally.” I like that I can eat what I put on my body, and that I know the source of the materials. The best part is that I produce it all in my kitchen. It’s frugal, sustainable, and delightful.

Thanks for joining me on my journey,

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