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    I ordered the Strawberry Blonde henna color for another company. I used it and now I have bright copper/orange hair. Not really what I wanted. My natural hair color is medium blonde. My question is… how can I get rid, or tone, down the red. Can I use a brown colored henna, or should I just let it fade?

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    Anthony Morrocco
    Anthony Morrocco

    Marigold blonde will help. Keep doing this color and it will tame the red/brightness.
    Henna in the beginning takes about three treatments. So just do the Marigold a few more times. It would not be good to do any brown, as it will darken your hair too much. It will also fade out during shampooing. In the beginning, the red grabbed too strongly on this treatment. You need drab colors with no red for sure.

    Great color and Nature

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    I have used traditional henna from India for a long time. So, all my greys are in orange color. Also, the texture of the grey hair is “straw-like”. Then  I came across Morocco method henna.

    I ordered medium brown, dark brown and black colors. My hair is black .But I started out with medium brown and dark brown for the first application.I sis not see a color change in the gray hairs and they are still in orange color. After 72 hours of first application, I tried medium brown with 25% black henna. Still the same result.After few weeks, when I started seeing the root color change to white, I thought of giving a try again. This time, I mixed medim browna nd black in equal proportions. But , I saw the roots still remained white and the rest of the grey hair in orange.

    Please help me. I want my greys to appear dark brown (and preferrably black, if I am not asking for too much !) .I am fed up with my “orange colored straw textured greys”.

    Please let me know if I am doing something incorrectly, or if I need a different combination.

    But look forward to hearing from you soon , as I need to have a proper color for my hair before my sister’s wedding (in 3 months).

    Last ,but not the least, my husband and I  are big fans of your shampoos. We LOVE them !

    Thank you in advance,





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    Anthony Morrocco
    Anthony Morrocco

    Hi Jyothsna,

    I answered your question in another section of the forum, you can check out the answer in the post you made.

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    OK here’s my orange problem!  i started with med brown (dyed) and gray roots.  I used 3/4 med. brown and 1/4 lite brown and got a nice brown with hilites but REALLY orange fading after a week or 2.  I have reaplied this combo 4 more times (i/month) and have ended up with waay more orange each time (my niece just told me I looked like Ronald MacDonald YIKES!!)

    So today I applied (a month after the lst application) 3 tbs. med. brown 1 1/2 tsp. lite brown and 1 1/2 tsp red as directed in the mailout info. It’s a nice brown on day one but I can see LOTS of orange and fear “Ronald” may soon be back as it fades. I would soo like brown hair with some red hilites that stay that way -I love how my hair feels but….NEED HELP getting the orange out!!

    I asked somewhere else for directions to the live chat spot here-I was told there was one when I called for help.

    PS I have been using green tea to mix and cider vinegar to hold color (read that somewhere) but I used black tea when I mixed the red.

    So HOPE to hear from you. Thanks  Susan

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    Anthony Morrocco
    Anthony Morrocco

    Hi Susan,

    You might need to try a two step process to help the color stay longer. This article explains that process:

    You can also try just doing your roots when they grow out. Here is a video for that:

    Also please note that henna color last for about 8-12 weeks on average.


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    Thanks for the reply. I did end up using the 2 step method and am pleased with the dark brown with hilights.

    I have 2 more questions:

    1) When I need to re apply in 4-5 weeks to the gray roots, should I do the 2 step method or use the method where I mix 10% red in with the browns?

    @) In your experience, how does prolonged exposure to sun affect the henna colors? I live on a boat in the Bahamas so it is kinda hared to avoid the sun. Would this have caused the excess orange? If so, what can I do (besides live under an umbrella hat)


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    Anthony Morrocco
    Anthony Morrocco

    Hi Susan,

    It depends on how stubborn your grey roots are, you might not have to do the two step but using red always helps.

    As for the sun effect, I’m not sure that would effect the henna, I know that sun can naturally lighten hair so in theory this could be a cause of more orange showing through.If you find your color fading quickly you could always start with a darker color or you might just have to reapply more frequently.

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    Marty Farmer

    I colored my hair with chemicals until I became too allergic to them and tried henna 2 weeks ago. Now my hair, especially close to the roots, is a reddish/orange color. It’s ugly and I want to get rid of the reddish/orange without putting any more henna on my hair. I’ve tried the oil combination and yogurt and still have several inches of orangish hair. Please help. My son is getting married in 6 weeks. Thank you.

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    Marty Farmer

    Also, want to mention that I would be mostly grey so my roots are growing out too and will need to do something with them. I’m hoping to get through this wedding with a decent color on my head and then try another method other then henna. Sorry, it just is way too much work and unpredictable.

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    Anthony Morrocco
    Anthony Morrocco

    Dear Marty,

    I’m sorry, but henna is a semi-permanent that coats the hair follicle. You can refer to our article on removing henna. But this process will just lift the henna and lighten the color overall.

    Did you use the Morrocco Method henna? If so, what color? When was the last time you had your hair chemically dyed? Henna can have a negative reaction to chemicals in your hair and non-MM henna brands have metallics which cause even more problems.

    As for what you can do now, henna is the only natural way to color your hair and cover your grey. Putting in chemical dyes now might cause a bad reaction in terms of color.

    I hope this helps.

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    I’ve been using medium or dark brown henna (henna and indigo) on my hair for about a year. I decided to try just the henna this time hoping it would add some more red hue to by brown hair. It ended up dying my roots but nothing else. So now I have bright red roots and the rest of my hair still looks basically the same brown color as before. How can I fix the roots so I don’t have this awkward reverse ombre? Should I use the dark brown over top or just indigo to cancel out the red?

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