Blonde Henna Gets a Makeover: Try it for Free

blogblondeAt Morrocco Method, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our products. We’re not only interested in what works; we’re interested in what works best. We know you love our Blonde Henna, and in an effort to make it even better, we are experimenting with new ratios of 100% natural Blonde Henna ingredients: chamomile, calendula, and cassia. We mix our henna in-house so that we can be sure that only the finest ingredients have been used.

After several weeks of testing, we’ve all but perfected the mixture. Several MM team members have even tested the henna and with fabulous results, but there’s only so many heads of hair in the office. Now we want to see the results of our hard work on MM’s most valuable heads of hair: our customers!

MM loves all hair types, and we want to know:

Would you like to try our Blonde Henna? 10336835_10152330537968070_2105925092452541180_n

When it comes to your hair, it’s personal, and that’s why we’re always interested to know what you think. If you’ve been thinking about trying out our henna, this may be the perfect opportunity.

We’re happy to supply it to you free of charge. All we ask is that you submit a “Before” and “After” photo for our reference. We will select as many participants as we can, but we aren’t able to promise samples to everyone, as we may already have several participants with a similar hair type.

So send your “Before” photos to ASAP! Please attach photos and do not embed them in your e-mail.

Once we get them, we’ll send you the henna, free of charge, along with detailed instructions. Keep in mind that you should treat your hair twice for best results, so treat it twice, and then send us those “After” photos.

We’re looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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