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MM Henna Hair Dye is the most natural way to color your hair

Morrocco Method Henna Testimonials:

“Hair coloring and bleaching is like an addiction – you suffer withdrawals. You get caught up in society’s advertisements for this or that kind of hair product to supposedly make you more attractive and acceptable. But what happens is that over time you damage your hair and destroy its natural health, which makes you more dependent than ever on harmful chemicals as you try desperately to reverse the damage. Since I got off that merry-go-round and started Morrocco’s natural hair care —especially the wonderful natural Henna — I am amazed at the vitality and shine in my hair. It’s taken years off my looks…. and who can argue with that? I am better, happier and ‘hair care holistic’ now!”

Sharon, Laguna Beach, CA

“For years I knew that what I was doing to my head was not right. Now, using Morrocco Method, everything ‘clicks’—-wash and wear hair! And their super-conditioning Henna lets me color my hair beautifully without the use of hair-thrashing dyes. No more stressing on salon appointments for special events. I feel so free!”

JoAnn, Newport Beach, CA

“Going the natural route with Morrocco Method hair color has made all the difference with my hair! First, I used the Auburn Henna to cover my highlights because they were fake looking (and flashy streaks are really so ‘yesterday’)! Then I applied Henna Brown to get back to my natural brunette color. Wow! I am just thrilled at how healthy and shiny my hair is these days. I’m now also using your shampoos and conditioners — and wanted to thank you for no-nonsense, terrific products that are safe to use and actually do what they claim.”

Elizabeth, Honolulu, HI


“I was really disappointed at how dull, tangly and just plain awful my hair had gotten after trying so many different products to no avail. My hair is blonde, very fine and just below shoulder length. It needed a good dose of conditioning and brightening up. But when my MM Henna order first arrived and I glanced at the instructions, they looked kind of complicated. To tell the truth, I almost gave up. But luckily I got curious about another brochure they’d enclosed: ‘A Morrocco Method Henna Virgin Tells All.’ As I read on, it covered every single question and concern I had — and was hilarious too! Well, if SHE could do it, I figured, SO COULD I! Feeling a lot braver (and still chuckling), I did my own ‘Pale Blonde (Marigold) Henna Virgin’ treatment and my hair has gotten so much stronger and in such better condition it’s incredible.”

Ludmilla, British Columbia, Canada


I’m due to get a touch-up as my gray is starting to show. This time I’ve decided to go completely natural, so…. “Goodbye chemicals!” I opt for Morrocco Method Henna instead.

Feeling scared yet excited, I have no idea how my hair will turn out. I’ve heard that henna turns hair orange and I’m sort of worried.

The big day has arrived! I’ve got everything ready: Morrocco Method Henna, a glass mixing bowl (metal is not recommended and I’m not going against that advice!), wooden spoon, rubber gloves and plastic wrap (now that should be interesting).

I make tea water, using a green tea bag since my hair and chosen Morrocco Henna color are both light shades. I use 2 cups of water, boil it and then let simmer for 15 minutes. I also add the juice of ½ a lemon.

Time to prepare my MM Henna. Since my hair is long, I’ll take a full 12 tablespoons. I stir the Henna into the warm tea; it should be the consistency of body lotion. ((What does that look like?) Oh, and it also says it’s important to mix it properly. So what will happen if I don’t? Dripping probably and I don’t want that… so I’ll make sure it isn’t too thick or thin.

O.K., I let the mixture sit for 30 minutes like the directions say, so the color can intensify.

This is different, getting to be my own hair color specialist. Hopefully I’ll still think it was a good idea when I see the results!

I cut a long piece of saran wrap and set it aside, pull on my gloves and wonder what technique works best to apply Henna evenly. How do hairdressers apply color? I’ve never seen any of them use their fingers! I take my wide-tooth comb and start parting my hair at the crown. When I stick my fingers into the mixture it’s actually kind of fun — like being a kid again, playing in the mud!

I scoop up a big glob and plop it on to my scalp, spreading it as best I can and being careful not to yank at my hair with the gloves. I keep parting and applying Henna. It’s not difficult at all and I’m surprised that I’m having such a good time!

Eventually I’ve covered the top of my head. Then I apply MM Henna to the rest of my scalp and hair, using it all up. I saran-wrap my whole head and hope no one important decides to visit for awhile! Deciding to ‘go for it’, I leave my MM Henna on for the full two hours.

The moment of truth has arrived! I remove the saran, opt to add a few drops of Euro Oil to my bath water and climb into the tub. To start loosening my hair, I dip my head in and—-uh oh, the water turns a weird greenish-brown. Sure hope it doesn’t stain my bathtub! But I keep soaking and rinsing. (It helps that I also got MM’s inexpensive rubber Scalp Massager/ scrubber with gentle little “teeth” to help get all the Henna out.) Eventually my hair feels clean and refreshed. Success! And no ring-around-the-tub!

With my hair completely dry, I take a good, close look: Wow! It’s noticeably thicker and silky soft, with a very healthy sheen. I love it! And it looks even better when I go outside into the sunlight. I see great shimmering highlights and they look totally natural. So no more artificial hair color for me. From now on, I’m using only Morrocco Method Henna and nothing else!

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