How Often Should I Cut My Hair?

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Help! I know that you recommend cutting on the lunar dates, but how often should I cut my hair?


The MM Community

This is a question we get from customers both new and familiar to the lunar hair chart. The chart supplies our recommendations for when to cut, but not necessarily how often, so we wanted to address this frequently asked question in today’s MM blog post!

…so the answer?

Our general recommendation is to cut or trim seasonally. This translates to four times a year, or every three months. If the dates correspond to your lunar goal or goals, it is preferable to cut on the corresponding solstice or equinox.

As with shampooing and conditioning routines, your cutting frequency may vary depending on your needs and the needs of your hair.

Can I cut my hair more often?

Definitely! We don’t recommend cutting more than once a month, but some customers prefer a monthly trim to maintain shorter styles. You can choose to stick to one cutting goal or, if you like, pick a few cutting goals that you wish to rotate each month.

What if I have long hair or want to grow my hair longer?

Even if your goal is to lengthen, we recommend trimming at least every three to six months.  A trim reinvigorates the hair and removes split, dry or damaged ends, which prevents breakage and improves the overall appearance of the hair.

Does this apply to me if I have naturally curly hair?

Yes! We recommend cutting naturally curly hair for the same reasons and benefits!

I’ve read these tips, but I still have questions!

Keep in mind that our hair cutting dates and tips are meant to enhance your haircut and the overall appearance and health of your hair, not to bring added stress to your hair care routine. One of the best things you can do for your health and your hair is to reduce stress. We recommend scheduling a cut based on one of the lunar goals (summer solstice is just around the corner!), then relax and enjoy.

You can always contact the MM support team. Check out our lunar hair care packages, and don’t worry: we’re with you every snip of the way!

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