How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

Our pets are family. But sometimes we forget that they have different skin and bathing requirements than our own. “How often should I wash my dog?” is a common question many dog owners ask.

The activities your pup participates in may be the first indicator of how often they should be bathed. Rolling in mud puddles and exciting aromas may facilitate the need to wash more frequently. But you’ve heard that frequent washing isn’t good for his skin.

So What’s a Pet Owner to do?

It is true that washing a dog too often can cause dry, irritated skin. Generally due to the number of synthetics and chemicals in many pet shampoos. The good news is that animals are natural self-groomers! Unless they are excessively dirty or have a skin condition, our dogs don’t need much help from us. Also, keep in mind that some dogs naturally smell better than others. Which means regular bathing, while good, should be part of their routine health and maintenance plan.



Typically it’s recommended to wash dogs no more than once a month.

One thing to note is  that for dogs with medium to long coats, regular brushing is important and can extend time between baths. Brushing a dog’s coat removes debris, naturally conditioning fur with sebaceous oils.

Dogs with water resistant, smooth short coats or extremely thick coats may be able to extend time between baths even further. However, owners of breeds with an oilier coat type may prefer to wash their pet more often.

No matter what coat type your dog has it is recommended to wash with a mild, soap-less moisturizing shampoo. We personally love our Morrocco Method Int’l 5 Elements No-Foam Dog Shampoo.

Want to learn more? Check out our Pets Resource Page!

Remember to always consult your dog’s veterinarian if you are concerned about their individual hygiene or care requirements.


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