Ionized Water

What is ionized water?

Ionization simply means gaining or losing an electron. Water that has been ionized becomes either alkaline or acidic according to whether the pH has been adjusted up or down. We use acidic water in our products because it is brimming with hydrogen ions that retard bacterial growth. This water is for external application only. It’s great for both skin and hair care, always leaving the hair neutralized with a good polish.

Water ionizers differ from water filters in that the H²0 you get from an ionizer has undergone a transformational scientific modification — versus a filter’s merely sifting out harmful elements from your tap water. The benefits of ionized water are indispensable:

  • Powerful Anti-oxidant — The hydroxyl ions in ionized water seek out and neutralize free radicals. This is extremely important since free radicals are what cause damage to our cells, bringing on disease and (premature) aging.
  • Oxygenation — Ionized water gives you enhanced energy by providing your body with significant amounts of oxygen.

Why Ionized Water?

When you bathe, wash your face or do a shampoo, use acidic water. Your skin is slightly acidic by nature and matching your chemistry with the cleansing water you use is highly beneficial: Acidic water acts as an astringent that promotes skin elasticity and prevents pimples and freckles. Rinse your hair with acidic water after washing it to neutralize alkalinity of shampoo and your “crowning glory” will reflect a beautiful shine. Acidic water used after shaving serves as a highly effective astringent/disinfecting agent.

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