Keep Your Baby’s Skin Protected this Winter

Keep Your Babies Skin Protected This WinterWinter is here! With reports of cold, wet weather across the country, it can be especially hard taking care of your baby’s delicate skin. To learn how to keep your baby’s skin healthy this winter read on.

Learn to Love Layers

It may be adorable during winter to see your baby in the tiny tot version of snow clothes. The hats, mittens and heavy jackets. But this can also lead to overheating. Layering your baby’s clothing allows you to adapt if baby’s skin gets too warm or cold. Check to see if your baby is too warm or cold and then add or remove a layer of clothing as necessary.

Layering also can help keep your baby from overheating. Babies that get excessively warm can develop heat rash, much like in the warmer months of spring and summer. Ensuring you layer and check your baby’s temperature can help reduce the risk of developing this uncomfortable skin irritation.


Use of central air, space heaters and fireplaces during winter months can suck the moisture right out of the air in your home. Plugging a humidifier in your baby’s room and common areas can put moisture back into the air. Thus reducing the chance that your baby will develop dry, irritated skin.

Take Warm Baths

While baths are a great way to get your baby ready to sleep, or to warm up from the cold, hot water can strip essential moisture from your baby’s skin. Keeping baths short and use lukewarm water to reduce moisture stripping. We also recommend trying Morrocco Method Baby Shampoos, like Sea Essence Baby Shampoo which is a 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash, to re-hydrate your baby’s skin when bathing. With natural minerals, botanicals and oils, it will help further protect and nourish.


Delicate baby skin needs to maintain hydration and moisture. During the winter months, this is especially true. To keep your baby from developing dry, itchy or irritated skin we suggest using Morrocco Method Euro Oil. After bathing, pat baby’s skin dry. Then use a few drops of Euro Oil on the skin to protect, nourish and balance the moisture levels in baby’s skin.

Ensuring the health of your baby’s skin will keep them happy all winter long.

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