How to Make Bath Time More Fun

Sometimes bath time with a toddler can be a daunting experience as they become more independent everyday. You can’t plop them in the bath like you would with a 6-month-old. But they still aren’t as self-directed as a 5-year-old. What can you do to make bath time more fun?

Get Them Involved

Toddlers are learning and exploring new things on a daily basis. Encourage your toddler to participate in learning the basics of self care early on. Allowing them to be a more involved participant in the experience can help instill self-confidence, teaching them good personal hygiene practices and reducing stress or fear. Thus making bath time a more pleasant experience for both parent and child.

Let Them Choose Their Favorite Shampoo

Get your child involved by letting them select which MM Baby Shampoo they would like to use. Our Baby Shampoos are specially formulated with soothing ingredients to cleanse and nourish your toddler’s delicate hair and scalp. With cute whimsical designs on the bottles, they can double as prompts for great bath time adventure stories.

Teach Them How

Keep them engaged by teaching them to wash their hair. After diluting their chosen MM Baby Shampoo with water, apply the shampoo to their head. Let your toddler help you by showing them how to gently massage the shampoo into their scalp. Letting them explore the texture of their wet hair and no-foam MM Baby  Shampoos offers a unique learning opportunity.

No Tears Rinsing

Rinsing hair seems to be the least favorite activity during bath time. Pouring water over your toddler’s head, getting water in their face can easily scare them. An easy way to avoid tears is by holding their favorite toy up in the air and having them look up at it. Singing to them while rinsing is another great way to turn one of the least favorite parts of bath time into something enjoyable.


After their hair dries, to help with tangles apply a light mist of our Diamond Crystal Mist

Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner

Price: $5.95 – $19

Detangle longer hair with a wide tooth comb first to avoid unnecessary pulling on hair which can hurt. After detangling show them how to gently brush their own hair using our Pure Boar Bristle Brush. The smaller ergonomic handle allows them to learn motor skills, coordination and dexterity.

By using these tips, you can transform bath time with a toddler into a fun learning experience that you both will benefit from.

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