DIY Body Care: Natural Bathing

Taking care of yourself is important. And in today’s world, taking care of yourself “naturally” is even more so. In a world where real food is prefaced with words like ‘natural’ and ‘organic,’ instead of just being called food; and chemicals line our every product from baby toys to furniture, from clothes to processed food stuffs, we’ve gotta fight to stay ‘natural,’ to stay healthy, and to stay sane…

In my small little corner of the world, upon my small little patch of earth, I strive to create a world that resembles yesteryear. A simpler time where things were basic, less scary-toxic, homegrown and homemade. I have been on a quest to replace my body care products with a homemade version. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making kitchen cosmetics; and I am delighted to have this opportunity to share with you some of my very favorite recipes!

Join me in this three-part series to see just what I have been cooking up :)


Metal bowl full of rose petals from
Rosy Oatmeal Bath

It all starts with a lovely bath… The healing powers of water are strong, and whenever I feel ill, or sore, or stressed; a bath is my first choice. Many commercially made bubble baths are chemical-laden disasters, and one can easily trade a bubble bath for an herbal bath with minimal effort for maximum beneft. Angela, at Mama Rosemary, speaks eloquently on bathing in her article, “The Art of Bathing.” She explores the nourishing and enriching art form that is bathing and how “all of the elements are present in the bath.” She also highlights 4 different herbal recipes for the bath, and her Rosy Oatmeal bath recipe is “simple and lovely.”


Seven upright bars of coconut oil soap from Sustain, Create and Flow
Pure Coconut Oil Soap

During your bath, scrub up naturally with some homemade soap. My Dear Husband makes a pure coconut oil soap which boasts a thick, creamy lather, and is super-fatted to make it non-drying. It’s an easy recipe with few ingredients. We use the hot process method and make the soap in our crock pot in the kitchen after the baby has gone to bed.

Our idea of a wild date night: lye.

Alternatively, you can make a liquid body wash if you’re not keen on a bar soap.  Any herbs can be used, but most beneficial and complimentary are herbs for your skin such as lavender and calendula.

Stay tuned for Part Two next Thursday! We will explore oral and facial care; naturally, of course :)

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