Advice From The Hair Shaman: Why Natural Sea Salt?

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Here at Morrocco Method, we’re always looking out for our customers’ health. Do you know the health benefits of real natural salt? Few people do, and the world’s refiners and grocery stores aren’t helping.

Why Natural Sea Salt?

grey-sea-salt_440x330Salt is the earth’s most complex substance. Real Salt, not the kind you find in the supermarket, bears an amazing likeness, in its complex chemical salts composition, to human blood and body fluids. Most biologists, therefore, strongly feel that the ideal replenishing substance, to maintain or restore health in humans, is a natural sea salt that would still contain all of the 84 original seawater elements. For maintaining and quickly restoring human energy, it is imperative that a clean and natural salt, still containing all the essential elements, be easily and constantly available to mankind.

The commercial exploitation and profiteering of this most indispensable material and seasoning began with civilization. In times past, real natural salt was so highly valued that it was exchanged ounce for ounce for gold. Today, this corruption, with the aid and abet of the modern chemistry of food, extends to such a point that 82 of the 84 essential elements and gases, outside of sodium and chlorine, have been stripped from sea salt for the benefit or convenience of the refiners. Because the modern salt industry benefits from the selling of these precious minerals, it takes everything of value out of this vital food, leaving an unstable compound. This highly refined sodium chloride damages our health and threatens our very existence.

Strong demands for whiteness (natural sea salt is gray) and utter “purity” voiced by shutterstock_70709578.jpg-Sea-salt-moundsconsumers forced all salt makers to boil, refine, and emasculate their product. When suppliers yield to this consumer pressure for economic and cosmetic reasons, their demineralized and chemicalized product dangerously jeopardizes the consumers’ well being. Modern vacuum-refined table salt has been treated with caustic soda or lime to forcibly remove the very last trace of magnesium salts that are beneficial to the consumer but troublesome to the refiner due to their stubborn retention of moisture.

Natural Sea Salt is truly worth looking for. The health benefits are incredible and you can be sure that you are getting all the minerals that nature intended. Look online or contact your local market to see if you can find this healthy alternative to generic chemical salt.

Good health is our wealth,

Anthony Morrocco

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