Our Natural Summer Skin Care Guide

Our Natural Summer Skin Care TipsThis summer, you can put your best face forward with Morrocco Method! If you haven’t already heard, our hair care products have a variety of uses, including natural summer skin care.

This time of year, your skin is vulnerable to sun, sweat and sand. Here’s how to give it some all-natural summer love:


You may already be a fan of our Feng Shea Facial Scrub, but did you know that you can also wash your face with any of the Morrocco Method Shampoos? We particularly recommend the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo with its antibacterial properties and the Earth Essence Shampoo for oily skin types.

Condition and Detox

Your face needs a vacation too. If you are a fan of facial mud masks (or want to give one a try!), you can apply the Zen Detox to your face.  Simply mix with water to get the same yogurt-like consistency you would if you were going to apply it to your hair. Apply evenly to the face and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Relax with a smoothie or cool drink, enjoy and rinse completely.

Diamond CrystalMoisturize and Tone

If you like, you can use a few drops of the Euro Oil as a moisturizer by massaging it in gently upwards and outwards. The Diamond Crystal Mist and Sapphire Volumizer Mist can both be used as facial toners. Simply spritz and go!

Need to stay cool? On warm days, take your mist with you and spritz it lightly on the face throughout the day for instant refreshing effects. It’s a great way to beat the heat and improve your mood.


Did you know that our Pearl Essence Creme Rinse makes a great shave gel for the face and legs? Here’s our guide to getting a smooth shave with Morrocco Method if you’re looking for smooth skin for summer. Skincare expert Hilton Tobin suggests using the Euro oil as an after-shave moisturizer in this Morrocco Method guest blog.

After-sun Care

Too much sun? Check out our recent post on using the Blood of the Dragon styling gel as a sunburn soother.

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