Natural vs. Unnatural Balances In Our Fats and Oils

The following is from a letter written by botanist Dr. Raymond Schep.

It just so happens that you have contacted a top expert on fats and oils in the world at present, me!

How did I become a top expert? I started playing football for execrcise and joined a rugby team. I was struck down by arthritis my knee was swollen the orthopaedic specialist wanted to give me a knee replacement and I refused. He said I would never run again.

Instead I researched what cause arthritis and I found the cause.

What has this to do with your margarine inquiry?


I found the cause of arthritis to be a terrible imbalance in all the fats and oils that we take in in our diet. Our fats, oil, butter, safllower oil, corn oil all contain Omega-6 fatty acids and no omega-3 fatty acids.

The reason is omega-3 fatty acids get rancid easily so they bred these out of our oils and fats.

Although both 6 and 3 are necessary for our diet the problem is that our body makes inflammatory hormones (prostaglandins) from Omega-6 and anti-inflammatory hormones or prostaglandins from omega-3 fatty acids. As our diets contain no omega-3, inflammation is unbalanced in our bodies and our joints become inflamed,

There is no omega-3 to make the anti-inlammatory prostaglandins.

The inflammation destroys all the cartilage in the joints. Enzymes are triggered that digest the cartilage in the joints. To a point this is good but it must not go too far. No anti-inflammatory protaglandins from the Omega-3 to balance the process.

Omega-3 comes from fish oil and is sold as a supplement to overtcome thsi imbalance.

Vegetarian sources of Omega-3 are Flaxseed oil, Canola Oil, Hempseed oil, but the vegetable sources must be converted to omega-3 oil by the body, However, in animal sources the omega-3 is ready to be used by the body.

Now to get to the margarine. The hydrogenation process destroys all the omega-6 fatty acids in the margarine. Even if they use canola oil, which is the one that would have a good balance of 3 and 6 , both are destroyed by the hydrogenation process. The reason they hydrogentate is to prevent the margarine from going rancid. All foodstuffs containing hyrdrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils have this defect.

The remedy is not to eat margarine at all, and to avoid corn oil and safflower oil which have omega-6 only.

The best remedy is to take a fish oil or flaxseed oil supplement.

If you must have butter or margarine on your bread I have found an excellent product:

It is called “Smart Balance” Omega plus Buttery Spread.

GFA Brands Inc., Cresskil, NJ.

It contains Omega-3s from Canola and Menhaden oil.

Another important thing is that the imbalance also causes inflammation in our veins and arteries. The doctors call this plaque and blame it on cholesterol, but what do they know. It is just too much a quantum leap fom them to realize that oils are healthy and can be medicine.

People are individulistic, I suspect, the imbalace can manifest as inflammation affecting different parts of the body, either as cardiovascular disease(arteries), or arthritis(joints), or lupus(organs), or asthma(lungs), or allergy(immune system) or celiac(gut), depending on the person.

— Health and Happiness, Dr. Raymond Schep

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