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st patricks day

10 Tips For Going Green(er)

So yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, a day of parades, celebration, and swaths of revelers all clad in lively shades of green. …

Spring Tonic Recipe

Spring Detox Tonic Recipe

It’s back! We’ve previously talked about the Spring Detox Tonic, but here is a new and improved version. This recipe helps you …


The Most Powerful Day to Cut Hair

Transformation, growth, renewal–yes, spring, that wonderfully green season, is just around the corner. Flowers bloom; animals awaken from their wintry sleep. But …


Vata Dosha: The Final Ingredient

We end our tour of the Ayurvedic doshas with Vata, the final ingredient in the dosha trinity. Vata is most commonly represented …

kapha ayurveda, hair regrowth

Kapha Dosha: Water and Earth

Last week we talked about the Ayurvedic dosha, Pitta. This week’s dosha, Kapha, actually shares with Pitta the elemental property of water. …