Powerful Detoxification Foods and Exercises for Spring Time

Spring has officially sprung!

Coming out of the introspective time of winter, when deep seeds of growth are planted into our being, springtime offers us nourishment of the sun and the cleansing of the rain.

Interestingly, the emotion associated with winter is fear, but the emotion of spring is one of courage and the cleansing of old, limited beliefs. Take a look at some of the wild plants that make themselves available in spring, like the nettle plant, which invokes courage.

Inspired by the renewal of spring, I have put together a few key detox strategies and ways to cleanse your body to get your detox started right.

Spring Equinox

How to Prepare Your Body for Detox

Before we start, it is helpful to remember that  cleansing should be a daily routine, done throughout the year, so that our bodies are not over stressed from the day to day toxins.

Let’s start with our skin. A great way to detox the skin is through dry skin brushing. It is so invigorating as it increases lymphatic flow, encouraging detoxification of the lymph fluid. This can help with weight loss, purification and circulation. Be sure to brush towards the heart and get all areas of the body. Ideally, you’ll want a long-handled brush with natural bristles.

pure rubber scalp massagerNext, you can enjoy a scalp massage. This will send blood flow to the scalp allowing for stimulation, detoxification and circulation encouraging hair growth. Avoid any harsh materials by getting yourself a 100% pure rubber massager, a fabulous addition to any self care protocol.

We also want to begin detoxifying our hair and scalp. For those new to Morrocco Method, the Healthy Hair Starter Package is a fabulous way to equip yourself with the tools for a radiant healthy head of hair.  The starter pack includes the entire line of shampoos and conditioners so you can rotate a different shampoo with each wash, supplying your hair with the complete range of minerals and nutrients.

Included in the package is the Zen Detox, a powerful ancient clay for providing a deep cleaning on your scalp. Utilizing bentonite clay, Zen Detox works by pulling out environmental toxins, heavy metals and other contaminants. After use, follow up with a conditioning oil treatment on your scalp and hair for deep nourishment.

Cellular movement is another big key to health and detoxification. Replacing the traditional “1 hour a day” exercise regime, it’s better if we are active throughout the entire day. Taking periodic walks, using the stairs, doing yoga intermittently in 15 minute intervals will encourage the body to gently detox. These movements get the lymph pumping and detoxify organs.

If you can start your day with just 15 minutes of stretching, rebounding, yoga or meditation you will feel so much more ready to take on your world!

Getting outside in the fresh air is a huge piece of detoxification. Practicing breath work out doors is the ultimate purifier! Breathing out in nature allows you to keep your culture diversified with wild probiotics only found in nature. We truly are light beings so getting out in the gentle rays of the morning sun allows us to cleanse our bodies with light.

greens diet for hairLets think about all the fresh, colorful foods available to us at spring time.

Greens, like wild dandelion, nettles or other edible weeds, help to detoxify the organs and build healthy blood. They are rich in chlorophyl which helps build our blood in turn building stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

Eating foods grown in your area that are full of vibrant color connects us to the land and provides medicine and nutrients to keep us strong and healthy. They grow near us for a reason, so consider getting in touch with your local farmer and finding out what grows naturally in your environment for the ultimate in food epi-genetics.

Lastly, we want to make practice meditation

This is a key factor to an enriched and powerful life. Cleansing stuck emotions is a daily detox strategy. Meditation is a brilliant practice, a time to connect with your highest self.

Early morning meditation will give us access to a calm that only these hours offer us. Another option is to meditate after a good work out when the body is ready to let go, surrender and receive higher guidance from the great purifier.

Spring is truly a time of expansion. The heart is opening up, and it gives us the extra inspiration to go for it! Enjoy your spring renewal!

How about you? What ways do you like to assist your body in detoxing on a daily basis? Share this article if you feel it could benefit a friend and let us know your own detox strategies below in the comments section.

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