Quality of Ingredients: What’s in Your Shampoo?

Quality of ingredients is one way Morrocco Method Shampoos stand apart from the average commercial, store-bought shampoo.  We broke down this article on how to make commercial shampoos from a chemist’s point of view to show you how and why these products are sold so inexpensively.

Main Ingredients in Commercial Shampoos:


“It helps dilute the detergents, makes the formula easier to spread and reduces irritation. It also keeps the formula inexpensive.” – Chemist’s Corner

Morrocco Method uses enough water to make sure the quality ingredients become well incorporated. However, these raw, vegan shampoos are still super concentrated with the quality of ingredients. Instead of charging the customer for the extra water, we price for the quality ingredients and let the customer decide the dilution they are most comfortable with.

A pair of hands scooping up foam made with sodium lauryl sulfate

See our Tips on Shampooing with MM for more on how to dilute your shampoo yourself!


“They are derived from natural fatty acids or petroleum derivatives. Common primary detergents include Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.” – Chemist’s Corner

These ingredients are highly irritating and toxic to your internal organs.  Morrocco Method Shampoos contain Apple Cider Vinegar and fine French Clays that clean the hair with a higher quality of ingredients while balancing scalp pH, and eliminating toxins naturally.

Foam Boosters

“These compounds, usually betaines or alkanolamides, help increase the amount of foam and the size of the bubbles…Typical materials include Lauramide DEA or Cocamidopropyl Betaine.”  – Chemist’s Corner

We’ve become accustomed to think foam=clean, but this isn’t the case.  Foam boosters and dangerous Cocamides only serve to further perpetuate this misconception.  In fact, boosting the foam in a shampoo is really just a clever way of forcing the customer to massage the scalp—it’s the Bathtime bubbles don't seem as fun now, huh?massaging that really does the cleaning! MM Shampoos use a higher quality of ingredients like prickly pear cactus, soapbark and green tea to produce minimal foaming and maximum cleansing effects.

Other Added Ingredients

“Dyes for changing color, fragrances for changing the odor, pH adjustment ingredients, chelating agents, opacifying ingredients, and more. Frequently, story ingredients are included so marketers will have something to talk about. This includes things like vitamins, proteins, and herbal extracts which are not normally expected to have any impact on the final product performance.

With all the “extras” added by commercial shampoo companies, there is massive room for skin irritation and high toxicity.  Morrocco Method adds NO artificial fragrances, colors, or dyes because we don’t NEED to–our shampoos are made to detoxify, cleanse and condition the hair

with no room for chemical additives.  Unlike commercial companies we don’t NEED to highlight a specific “story ingredient” because all of our ingredients are wild-crafted, raw, and whole–they all make the cut!

If you’re looking for quality of ingredients in your next shampoo then look no farther.  Morrocco Method Shampoos are the opposite of commercial shampoos that strip, damage,
and irritate the hair and scalp.  Isn’t it time to stop covering your hair problems and start solving them with products that nourish the hair and scalp with the quality of ingredients that remain whole, live, and 100% raw.

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