Sneaky Chemicals In Most Common Baby Care Products

Looking to properly care for your baby’s grooming needs but worried about covering them in layers of toxic chemicals? Unfortunately, many of today’s most common baby care products are full of chemicals. Here we breakdown common baby care products and the chemicals that lie within. We provide you with alternatives to ensure that your baby gets the proper chemical-free care he or she deserves.

Baby Body Wash

You may choose a body wash because it claims to soften your baby’s skin and leave a wonderful smell after bathing. However, this might no longer sound like a good idea once you read that there is 1,4-diozane in it. This chemical is a possible carcinogen and has been scientifically linked to organ toxicity and skin allergies. Even if you may not find this chemical listed on the product, the product can contain its derivatives: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, commonly known as SLS, PEG compounds, and chemicals listed as Ceteareth and Oleth.

For a safer option, try our Sea Essence Baby Shampoo, which provides hydration and maintains baby’s pH Balance. When used as a body wash, the unique blend of nori, kombu, and marine proteins naturally cleanses and nourishes baby’s delicate skin.

Baby Shampoo

Now that your baby’s body is cleansed it’s time to gently wash their hair. Baby shampoos are great for giving your baby a lovely, clean smell. Unfortunately, the artificial fragrances in baby shampoos cause a lot more harm than they are worth. One of the most common ingredients in artificial fragrance is phthalates, added to prolong the life of the fragrance. Phthalates are also endocrine disruptors and are linked to asthma and allergies. Phthalates could potentially irritate babies already sensitive skin.

Our Heavenly Essence Baby Shampoo is formulated without the use of any artificial fragrances. Just like the rest of the Morrocco Method products, its smell is derived from the natural ingredients, such as pure essential oils.

Baby Conditioner

After shampooing, why not add some conditioner onto your baby’s hair to add even more moisture to the scalp or ease brushing their hair? Regular conditioners contain Benzophenones. These bio-accumulative and toxic chemicals protect products from UV light as sunrays may alter the ingredients in some products, but they may cause damage to your body. Benzophenones are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, development and reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity, irritation and ecotoxicity. Plus it is not biodegradable so the planet suffers too.

We offer a 100% natural alternative with our Pearl Essence Crème Rinse. It is safe to use on babies and toddlers. With hints of patchouli and lavender, this rinse-out crème conditioner leaves your baby’s hair feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing.

Detangling Spray

Sometimes children’s hair can become unruly and tangled, but don’t reach for the detangling spray just yet! Most commercial detangling products contain polyethylene glycol, PEG, which can strip your child’s hair of its natural moisture, making it more prone to tangles in the future.

Instead, try our Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner & Moisturizer, which will help detangle your child’s hair, while adding moisture back into their strands, preventing future tangles.

Baby Powder

Diaper rash isn’t fun for anyone involved! One of the most common ways to prevent it is to use baby powder to absorb excess moisture. However, most commercial baby powders contain talc, which has been linked to ovarian cancer in women and can also cause lung issues in infants.

Zen Detox can be used as an all-natural alternative to baby powder without the added risk.

Baby Oil

Perfect for dry skin and baby massages. Some even have vitamin A and E. That sounds like a perfect product, right? Wrong. Regular baby oil is made with mineral oil mixed with fragrance. It’s a cheap byproduct of petroleum processing and acts as a plastic wrap on your skin, inhibiting the skin to release toxins.

For a non-toxic option use our Euro Oil. With oils of almond, avocado, and jojoba, this oil provides moisture and relieves irritation that may occur due to dryness or chafing.

As you can see many common baby care products are loaded with chemicals, yet many people find themselves unaware or unconcerned about the chemical-filled products they use to care for their babies. That is why we recommend reading the labels on the products you apply on your baby’s skin and switch to 100% natural products that will enhance your baby’s beauty without exposing them to toxicity at such a young age.

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