Henna Testimonial: Helga’s Husband Loves MM Henna

Here’s a great testimonial about using Morrocco Method henna. Also feel free to check out our new henna forum for details:

I recently have purchased the hair loss recovery package along with a jar of Light Brown and Medium Henna. Both my husband and I love the products we have seen dramatic results right after the first application.

Now my husband also wanted to henna, he had gone for his first coloring in Feb. Looked great, went for a second coloring and his hair already thinning on top started to have clumps in the tub after showering and noticeably started losing even more on the top and rapidly. This is all before we found your products. I applied the detox to him on dry hair as per directions, we where both impressed with the texture of his hair and he feels that his hair immediately stopped losing. He has been diligent using the detox and second and third treatment and shampooing.

Best regards,
Helga K.

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