What is the Detox Process?

The detox process can be tough to handle but it’s an important part of your healthy hair journey.  The process we are talking about is the often unruly, unmanageable transformation your hair goes through when you first make the switch to natural products.

So How Does Hair Detox?

If you’re new to natural or new to MM you might experience a detoxing process, which removes residues, wax build up, and old chemical ingredients from your hair.

Lasting anywhere from 3-30 days this process can be difficult for some people to handle. You might experience a variety of things such as drying, matting, dullness or extra oily hair

Sounds Scary…What Should I Do?

Using a Zen Detox Treatment can help ease the process along but the most important thing to do is to stay positive. The detox process is a clear sign that the products are working! Remind yourself of all the health benefits from stopping chemical abuse.  Imagine the healthier, more radiant, manageable and most of all natural luxurious hair you will have the minute the detox is over.

The journey towards  healthy and luxurious  hair is a worthy one, even if the path is a little bit bumpy along the way. It’s important to stay positive and remember why you decided to make the switch to natural products. The more positive you are more it will seem like the detox process just fly by.


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