Why NOT to Use Drug Store Shampoos

Drug Store Shampoos Are Bad News!

Everyone loves that “fresh from the salon” feel, but taking care of your hair between trips to the salon — and ditching your drug store shampoo — is the best thing you can do to avoid bad hair days (and spending too much money!).

Your personal hair care regimen keeps your hair from breaking and splitting between cuts, so the products you choose to wash and style with are of the utmost importance.  Your shampoo and conditioner help to build the foundation on which your hair relies.  Your hair is at its most vulnerable while it is wet, and adding chemicals, sulfates, and paraffins (found in most drugstore shampoos) to it does serious damage!

drug store shampoo
Chemical-free shampoos are the best

Your hair may look great for the first couple of weeks, but then the chemicals and toxins will build up in your hair making it feel coarse and damaged.  The constant use of these shampoos and conditioners almost always leads to massive breakage.

You can save some money by buying the $5 bottle of shampoo, but in the long run you will be wasting it.  The more damaged your hair is, the more often you will be forced to visit a salon where some highly-paid hairstylist will only mask your current hair issues–not solve them!

Buying products like Morrocco Method allows you to skip the constant visits to the salon and restore the natural balance of your hair and scalp.  Since there are no chemicals or toxins in our wild-crafted shampoos and conditioners, your hair is allowed to grow instead of breaking. Morrocco Method to the rescue!

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