Are you still in search of a New Years resolution?

Are you still in search of a New Years resolution?
If so, we have an idea for you! If you’ve already found yours, why don’t you add another resolution with us?

Our resolution proposal is to create the most healthy and beneficial hair and skin habits! Weather you have been thinking about using Morrocco Method products, just heard about the products, just started using them, or have been using them for a while, this is a resolution that will be beneficial to all.

Now let’s start this New Year off by creating some good habits!

The first thing to be aware of for new users is that your hair will go through a detoxing stage. This may be frightening and lead you to believe the products are not working how they are supposed to be, but that is totally wrong. This process needs to happen so that your scalp can release those bad ingredients from previous shampoos and conditioners.

The big tip is to set up a schedule.

Decide which days you will use what shampoo. That way it is less stressful to remember what you should be using to get the best results possible.

This goes for your body and face scrubs as well. Using a scrub isn’t necessarily good for daily use. This will get you on a great routine, creating a beautiful habit for your skin.

Another thing to be scheduling is the hair mask. Doing hair masks a couple of times regularly each month is a great refresher to get your hair in the best state that it could possibly be. For the ones going through the detoxing stage, this part is important because it will help your hair get through this annoying stage.

These few tips will start great habits for you right from the start of this New Year. It’s a resolution that will make it easier to have the healthiest hair and skin of your life. Imagine where these great habits will get you by next year!

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