Bentonite Healing Clay Detox – Benefits and Uses

Bentonite healing clay detox is known for its many healing and detoxifying benefits. We took things one step further by adding many spices and herbs also known for their healing properties to formulate our Zen Detox.  We formulated our Zen Detox specifically for its detoxifying benefits for hair, but we put together a list of the many other things you can use it for!
Bentonite Healing Clay Detox

Pore refining face mask

Mix the bentonite healing clay detox with water and apply to your face.  Leave on for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse.  Apply a few drops of Euro Oil if needed.

Acne spot treatment

Create a paste by combining the Zen Detox clay with apple cider vinegar for a healing spot acne treatment.  Leave it on overnight for maximum benefits.

zen-detox-shoePrevent odor and athlete’s foot

Sprinkle the bentonite healing clay detox powder into your shoes and on your feet to prevent odor causing moisture and help with athlete’s foot.


Relief from stings and bug bites

Create a poultice with water and the Zen Detox powder.  Apply to stings and bug bites for instant relief.

Relief from candida yeast syndrome, eczema, and psoriasis

Apply a thin layer of the bentonite healing clay detox and water to your skin for relief from candida, eczema, and psoriasis.

Detoxifying bath or foot soak

Liberally add Zen Detox to your bathtub for a detoxifying soak.  You can also apply a half cup into a small bucket of water for a detoxifying foot soak!

Clarify your underarms and lymph glands

Mix Zen Detox and water and apply to your underarms.  This will clarify and detox your pores and lymph glands.

Zen Detox (brochure)


What other uses have you found for Zen Detox?

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