MM Ingredient: Yarrow

Yarrow flowers with a butterfly perched atop.
Yarrow is an ingredient in some Morrocco Method products.

Curious about some of the ingredients in MM products? The Morrocco Method Heavenly Essence Shampoo and Pearl Essence Crème Rinse contain a wonder ingredient called: Yarrow. In addition to its ability to heal woulds, it helps with eczema and dry skin. No wonder we combined these two products for the lunar goal of Beautifying into one easy package.

Early in the year the tender, feathery leaves of this “warrior” plant appear low on the ground, springing up almost everywhere. Throughout spring, summer and fall, big, flat clusters of white, pink or yellow flowers (called umbels) begin to emerge. The flowery umbels teeter on thin stems, begging butterflies to rest and sip some nectar.

Aside from being beautiful, yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is extremely useful and has historically been used by Native Americans, Europeans and Chinese. Yarrow derived its scientific name “Achillea” from the legendary Greek warrior Achilles. Achilles used yarrow to heal his soldiers’ bleeding wounds. Native Americans used yarrow similarly, applying the herb to bleeding cuts, rashes, inflammation and tooth aches, but it was also used to reduce fever, fight colds, cure indigestion and stop internal bleeding. The native American Chumash name for yarrow means “tail of the ground squirrel,” referring to the short frilly leaves. Yarrow is a must have for your medicine and pollinator garden.

So grab your Beautifying package and get the benefits of Yarrow today!

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