Curl Corner: Caring for Naturally Curly Hair

Using Morrocco Method’s raw, vegan, pure products will make you fall in love with your newly luxurious, shiny, and effortlessly manageable hair! From chemical-free shampoos to luxurious deep conditioners, MM has everything you need to put your best curl forward. Looking to promote healthy hair regrowth? Check out Mr. Morrocco’s 5 Step Program to healthy hair.

How Do I Care For My Naturally Curly Hair?

You’ve already scored a ‘win’ by deciding to make the change from chemically processed to all natural and healthy hair. Freedom from the extreme abuse of relaxers and perms on your curls is a wonderful gift you’re giving yourself. We all want long, healthy hair, however, using chemicals is guaranteed to reduce the quality and health of your hair. Morrocco Method products clean and oxygenate the scalp, helping to produce healthy new luxurious follicles and hair growth. There are five simple steps to achieving beautiful natural curly hair with Morrocco Method: Stop using ALL chemicals & heat, deep condition regularly, become aware of how you comb & brush, trim your tresses often, and use protective styling.

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How and Why Should I Deep Condition My Naturally Curly Hair?

Deep conditioning is one of the most important steps to achieving beautiful, luxurious, natural curly hair. This doesn’t just mean your conditioner in the shower, but it also means developing a continuous routine of deep conditioning and moisturizing. Your curly hair is thirsty for moisture, and it is important to feed it in order to prevent tangling, breakage and shrinkage of your naturally curly hair.

Morrocco Method Euro Oil Treatment

To maintain softness and moisture, use Euro Oil every 2-3 weeks. Spread it over your scalp with our MM Scalp Massager, which encourages healthy blood circulation for fuller, more lustrous new growth. Cover with a plastic cap. After 4-8 hours shampoo out, or if you are experiencing unusual dryness, leave it in all weekend!

Morrocco Method Neutral Henna Treatment

Using MM Neutral Henna as a deep conditioning treatment will offer you the same great benefit of henna conditioning without needing to change or alter your color. This henna is designed to act as a conditioning mask that will add body and shine to your hair.

How Do I Comb-Out My Natural Curly Hair? Should I Brush?

Curlies know, combing out coarse and/or curly hair can be a pain, but once a healthy pH in your scalp has been reached and your hair is no longer fighting with harmful, clogging chemicals it becomes easy and stress-free. Most importantly, be sure to use a smooth comb that has rounded, gentle tines to protect each strand of your hair as you detangle. Work the comb from the ends of your hair toward your scalp to reduce damage.

Morrocco Method Pearl Essence Creme Rinse

You can also use your fingers to detangle your natural curly hair. While in the shower, section your hair into 4-6 sections and apply MM’s Pearl Essence Crème Rinse to each section working the product through. Return to the first section and begin finger-detangling being careful not to pull too hard on each curl or coil.

Morrocco Method Scalp Massager

Massaging your scalp is also an important part of keeping your curly roots happy. Regular scalp massage will help to cure dandruff, itchiness, or excessive oil through balancing your sebaceous glands. Massage your scalp 1 to 3 times a day and be sure never to use a plastic or artificial massager which could scratch your scalp. MM’s Scalp Massager & Invigorator is 100% natural rubber so you’ll never risk scratching or irritation.

Morrocco Method Natural Boar Bristle Brushes

Along with this, use a boar bristle brush every night to brush out your hair. Yes, your hair will most likely get poufy, but brushing every night will allow the oil to reach from your scalp and be distributed along the shafts of your hair. This nightly ritual will help your hair to become softer, silkier, and less frizzy in the long run.

How Do I Cut My Natural Curly Hair?

Damaged ends contribute to tangling and need to be trimmed regularly. We highly recommend using the Morrocco Method Lunar Haircutting Chart monthly in order to reach your desired hair goal. This method of cutting has been used for centuries by the ancients who knew the early secrets of hair care, trimming in accord with these dates will “excite” your curls to amazing levels of vitality and beauty.

To learn more about the Lunar Haircutting Chart.

While utilizing the Lunar Haircutting Chart, make sure you find a curly hair salon to help you find the best shape and cut for your texture and curl pattern. This curly hair salon should never use a razor to cut your hair and should practice the Blunt Haircutting Routine which will cut your hair without damaging the ends. Remember—you don’t have to cut too much and the hair you are cutting is damaged anyway. By using this system for cutting natural curly hair, stalled growth, excessive tangling, split ends and breakage will be history!

To learn more about the Blunt Haircutting Routine.

How Do I Style My Natural Curly Hair?

The simplest way to transition from chemically damaged hair to 100% luxurious, naturally curly hair is through protective styling, such as braids or two strand twists. This will allow your hair to recover and eliminate the possibility of damage through your environment. By using protective styling, along with the other important steps for beautiful, natural curly hair, you will begin to experience new, healthy growth. Morrocco Method offers several styling tools to help you achieve this look along with other great styles:

Morrocco Method Curl Power

This hair mask was created to help Curlies show off their best and most well-defined natural curly hair. Apply Curl Power to your hair and reveal the best curl you can be! Specially formulated to increase hang-time and elongate curls, this product is a rich and hydrating treat for natural curly hair. TIP: This treatment will also help to detangle and make styling easier on those days you don’t want to battle your curl, plus the effects can last up to 3 weeks!

Styling Dragon Pomade

This pomade produces a smooth, soft and shiny finish without making hair stiff or ‘crunchy’. MM’s Styling Dragon Pomade is mighty on style but gentle on strands, so it’s always easy to wash out and never leaves pore-clogging buildup. TIP: This creamy pomade is perfect for edge control around your face and taming the frizz.

Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel

This gel is great for wash-and-go styles and showing off your curl definition. The Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel also functions as a conditioner and contains rich ingredients that allow for moisturization along with supreme styling hold. This gel is also incredibly versatile and can range from a light-weight shine to a slick, sleek style. TIP: Combine this gel with a little Euro Oil after the shower and scrunch in your still-wet hair for a well-conditioned, defined curl.

How Can I Fight Shrinkage?

Unfortunately, almost every Curly moving from chemically-treated hair to a natural routine will experience shrinkage, but MM is here to help you fight it! It can be disappointing when you pull down your curl to see it may have an extra foot or so of length only to watch it bounce back up, but this is natural. Elongating your curl and increasing hang-time can best be through the use of a couple MM treatments: MM Neutral Henna and MM’s Curl Power.

Morrocco Method Curl Power

Curl Power was specially formulated for people with curly hair looking to add definition, shine, and length to their hair. This product promotes length retention while reducing breakage by making your hair easier to detangle. It will help to define your beautiful curls while taming your twists and reducing frizz. There is no other product on the planet that can offer equally pure ingredients and absolute definition and elongation of your curls like MM Curl Power!

Morrocco Method Neutral Henna

This treatment will act as a conditioning agent as well as adding weight to your curl which in turn will help to increase elongation. This is especially true with fine curls which need weight to help them fall loosely. We recommend using the henna treatment once a week, or at least twice a month in order to receive the full benefits and then easing into once a month for advanced users. Again, the Neutral Henna will NOT alter the color of your hair. You will begin to see shine after the first application and elongating effects after the first couple. This process will help to add luster and shine to your curl, taking it from fine little strands to big beautiful curls!

For more information on the Henna Application Process.

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