Curly Client Show and Tell



The Morrocco Method

“Your hair is soft, strong and more manageable because there is no tangles while it’s wet, and full of luster and body even after it’s dried, and your scalp is clean and unclogged, and your nose is appreciating the aroma.”
-Hope Stuart

“It is the first time my hair has felt really alive, moisturized & rejuvenated. I am very impressed with your products! I am a new customer will continue to be. I’ve been done with commercial shampoo & conditioners for quite some time now but your line by far hands down is the best I’ve ever tried in my life! I’m completely sold. I am a black woman with 3c-4b hair & it loves your products.”

“I have many friends that are all natural including myself but your product so far has really surpassed others i’ve tried very dry naturally curly hair it’s hard to get products let the curl be and not weight down rest thanks again
-Rachael Wheeler

Curl Power

“I love this product. I did not need gloves to apply and had no scalp irritation. Curl Power seems to condition my hair and release my natural curls. My hair never felt this way with the chemical perms. My hair is soft and healthy with a natural shine. I am now transitioning to all natural products. I am so happy to have Morrocco Method products. What a great transition for 2013! Thank you Anthony Morrocco.”
-Lisa Showver

“My hair felt deeply conditioned. It was extremely easy to detangle too — only 15 minutes when it usually takes at least 45. I would gladly keep using the product for this reason alone.”
-Sandra Batista

Euro Oil

“I used it twice – once to massage into my scalp, and another time overnight. I also rubbed some on my skin. My hair turned up softer and bouncier the next morning after a wash, and my scalp feels moisturized but not greasy. Less flakes, too.”

Styling Dragon Pomade

“I use this product to seal my twist or braids on wash days and…to slick my edges daily.”
-Triciana Burke

“I was pleasantly surprised at how shiny my twists were…also very soft and well defined. When I took the twists down, they were still very soft.”
-Vashti Patrick-Joseph

Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel

“Blood of the Dragon styling gel! I combine it with Euro Oil, apply to wet hair & presto! Perfectly defined curls!”
-Lisa Melhado

“It’s been a year for me now, with Morrocco Method—and thank goodness for it! One of my favorites is Blood of the Dragon, which I’m using instead all those toxic hair relaxers that ruin your hair so much it starts to break off. The Gel and Anthony’s other products have made such a difference in the strength, texture and shine I just had to let you know I’ve never been this happy with my hair in my whole life!”
-LaToya, Queens, New York

“I love the Gel! I recently vacationed in the tropics—my fine thin hair goes ‘frizzy’ in humidity, but I put Blood of the Dragon on and my hair stayed smooth and in control.”
-Joy, New York City, NY


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