Ditch Sugars for Health and Hair

Thanks so much for reading my blog and as promised I am going to share some tips about eating foods to improve your hair and your health too :)

Ditch the Sugar

White Sugar – the worst!

The first thing I gave up when I decided to become healthier, just over 17 years ago, was sugar.  I did this intuitively as I felt it was draining my energy.  Having learned more about it I now understand how it can affect your health in a negative way.  One of the things is that it turns to fat in the body and this does affect your health and your hair too.  I cut down on refined sugar at first and ate chocolate with higher cocoa content and less sugar.

Complex Sugars

Slowly I weaned myself off sugar and then I found what satisfied me was eating foods that turn into complex sugars such as whole grains; brown rice, quinoa, millet and buckwheat, vegetables such as root vegetables.  I eat these with good quality proteins, other vegetables, essential fats and sea vegetables (containing lots of minerals that land vegetables don’t have or lose during transportation and left on shelves in shops/supermarkets).

Sweet Alternatives

Stevia is a natural sugar substitute.
Stevia is a natural sweetener.

I did find my hair got less greasy as a result and now don’t crave refined sugars at all. I recommend more natural sugars, such as brown rice syrup, coconut sugar and natural stevia if someone does still have a sweet tooth.

Using natural products on hair really is beneficial too, especially MM hair products that contain sea vegetables that help mineralize the hair and absorbed in the body which is an added bonus.

Looking forward to sharing more health information soon.

Julie x

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