Why doesn’t Morrocco Method sell to Whole Foods?

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At Morrocco Method, we understand what small businesses have to go through to stay competitive on today’s ever-changing market. That is why, even with Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods, we will NOT turn to greed and leave out our core values which are: to provide the best in natural hair care without compromising anyone’s health, to be socially responsible and to protect our environment. That is why, we have supported and will continue to support Mom & Pop Natural Health Food Store, real natural stores, so they can offer a product that is 100% natural, raw, wildcrafted and one that cannot be obtained at bigger stores for discounted prices, such as Whole Foods.

So, you may wonder: What is the real threat behind Whole Foods and why do we take this stand? The answer lies in the same reason you may want to reconsider your stand after reading the following realities:

  • Whole Foods was one of the lobbyists against labeling products that included GMO ingredients. With this new purchase, “organic” and “natural” products are some of the first items to be discounted, which will send true health-conscious consumers away from real natural food store to Whole Foods’ doors.
  • Whole Foods’ groceries will get cheaper and by doing this, which will end up running small stores out of business.
  • The Whole Foods Market 365 Private Label will be sold on Amazon.com, which will bolster their network for grocery delivery service: Amazon Fresh. This means that all those natural stores with juice bars and prepared food, will eventually stop offering meals since they will not have enough demand for them.
  • Whole Foods will take advantage of Amazon’s delivery structure, by offering their in-store products delivered for free to the doors of their customers, which will take small stores out of business due to the diminished foot-traffic.
  • Amazon will have easier access to their customers by selling their products at Whole Foods, which gives an array of options at better prices. Again, this leaves no fair competition for small stores, so they can’t stay in business.
  • Amazon Prime will be Whole Foods’ Customer Rewards Program and will continuously lower prices. Moreover, this program will give its members special savings and in-store benefits to drive traffic back to Amazon’s physical stores (Whole Foods). So, why would people even bother going to other stores? This will end up damaging the economy model we currently have, increasing unemployment and having a few stores manage the overall pricing of goods.

Our intention by sharing this information is to inform you about what is really happening in this matter and to invite you to keep supporting small businesses to make today’s market a more fair and supportive environment.

Vote with your wallet! Support small businesses, Mom & Pop Stores in your local areas and really support your local farmers. Buy locally and make a relationship with your local farmers markets and local farmers who support all life on Earth.

Wishing you and yours great health, happiness and well-being for all concerned,


Anthony Morrocco

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