Guest Blogger Julie Silver: Tip to Reduce Stress

StressI am delighted to be writing as a guest blogger for the Morrocco Method website. I have been into natural health for over 25 years now.  I qualified as a nutrition therapist in 2001 and have studied so much do to with natural health.  I came across Morrocco Method products over 10 years ago and was delighted to have found products that were probably the most natural I had found.

I have learned that what we eat and put on our skin and hair makes a massive difference to our health, well being and how we look.  I have proved this personally. Over the coming months I will be writing about natural ways to beauty inside and out.

I believe if your soul is not ready for change then it will just not happen, although when it is you will be guided and inspired to make certain changes that will bring positive benefits.

I want to start with a tip to reduce stress as I feel that when we are calmer then there is more chance we will be guided to make a healthier change to what we eat, and to use more natural products.

Going on holiday, if you do manage to get away, may be the only time you take a proper break.Relax 2  Why not give yourself a holiday every day….. Look at a picture or think of a relaxing holiday scene and then close your eyes in a place you won’t be disturbed for 30 seconds to 10 minutes whilst visualizing this scene.  Breathing deep into your abdomen, take in the sights, sounds, smells of the surroundings in your imagination.  It is said that are unconscious mind doesn’t know whether something is imagined or real so you should feel the same benefits as if you are actually in the holiday destination you have imagined.

For more information visit her website!

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