Henna Hair Color Testimonial: Rebecca’s Exciting Experience

henna hair color, henna hair dyeHi Anthony,

I emailed you over a year ago and was considering henna instead of chemical processed hair coloring. I had never colored my hair and a few grey’s was the reason I had contacted you. At first I was persuaded by many not to use henna. They gave me many reasons. My only question to them was- WHEN YOU COLOR YOUR HAIR, DOES YOUR SCALP BURN OR ITCH? The response from everyone was YES! I was very surprised since they had their hair done by weekly or monthly . Why would anyone subject themselves to a burning scalp on a monthly basis? So I knew then and there after several interviews that I was choosing Morrocco Method Henna Hair Color.

I started with the lightest color and gradually increased to the color I desired. That was your best tip.

I then would make a organic green tea and refrigerate the mixture until cold. I added the green tea to my henna powder with a wooden spoon and added a few drops of MM Euro Oil as a bonus for shiny hair. The cold tea makes the mixture sooooo soothing on my scalp.

For highlights I added to the above mixture a few drops of organic freshly squeezed lemon henna hair color, henna hair dyejuice. I would use this as streaks to accentuate my face. Using thin strips just as a hair stylist would do in a salon.

For regrowth of grays I leave on 2 hours. Should I want the color darker I would repeat same procedure 72 hours later.

I am at peace knowing that every time I use MM Henna my scalp n hair are safe from chemicals. My hair is stronger, thicker, shiny and it’s the healthiest ever. I use all MM products. The hairstyling products, shampoos and sprays are the best. Just like working out it takes time and patience to see the results. The same with henna. You must be patient and your hair will restore to its natural beauty. Thanks Anthony.


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