Multi-Use: The Holistic Properties of the Diamond and Volumizer Mists

Today I will be sharing with you other ways you can use our Diamond and Volumizer Mists Hair Regrowthother than as spray on conditioners. One of my employees has informed me that these are one of hers (and her roommates) favorite products because of its many different applications.

Multi-Use for the Diamond Crystal Mist

  • For a natural sparkle, use Diamond Mist right after washing your face morning or evening to relax, refresh and polish your skin. Used it at night, it even helps to induce a restful night’s sleep!
  • International make-up artists finish their cosmetic applications with the Mist for a “diamond-sheen” on runways and in front of the camera.
  • Because Diamond Mist is both 100% natural and anti-bacterial, it is totally hypoallergenic as an effective daily deodorant. It’s even safe and mild enough to be used worry-free for feminine hygiene.

Volumizer MistMulti-Use for the Volumizer Mist

  • MM Volumizer has a delightful natural scent; ‘spritz’ it behind your ears and on inner wrists for an elegant, non-irritating touch of fragrance!
  • Use a tiny bit of Volumizer on a q-tip to shine up dulled gemstones or pearls in your jewelry collection.

What else do you use this product for? Let us know!

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