Multi-Use: Holistic Applications of the Blood of the Dragon Gel

Multi-Purpose Uses – Morrocco Method’s Blood of the Dragon Gel

Our Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel is an all natural and incredibly effective hair product but did you know it can be used for so much more?

  • Blood of the Dragon Gel also softens rough cuticles; it makes a perfect companion to your manicure or pedicure!
  • Photography secret of the stars: Just before turning on your best smile for that all-important “headshot”, spread Dragon Gel over your front teeth for a photo that will really “pop”!
  • Soothes sun-burned scalp.
  • Controls unruly eyebrows or mustache: ultra gentle and safe.

Thank you for reading today. As always, check back for the next post on the 100% natural products you love to use.

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