How to Use a Boar Bristle Brush

In our last blog we talked about the boar bristle brush benefits, but now it is time to discuss how to brush your hair with a boar bristle brush.boar bristle brush, brushing

First a few tips to start out…

  • Be sure to only brush dry hair.  Wet hair is too vulnerable and is prone to breakage.
  • Be sure to gently detangle before brushing with a boar bristle brush.
  • It is still beneficial to brush curly hair, just be sure to detangle beforehand and brush very gently.

How to Brush Your Hair with a Boar Bristle Brush

yDD24Z[1]Stand straight, then bend over from the waist as far as possible allowing blood to flow freely to your scalp.  Firmly grasp the handle.  Start at the nape of the neck, then move to the sides, and lastly to the crown all the way to your front facial hairline.  Brush in slow, gentle strokes for 3-5 minutes.

Straighten up slowly.  Your brush will now be filled with sebaceous oil.  Repeat the above procedure standing upright.  The sebum collected on the brush from the first step will be redistributed throughout the rest of your hair.

Now that we’ve talked about how to brush your hair, lets talk about when to brush your hair.

When to Brush

To get maximum benefits we recommend brushing three times a day: morning, late afternoon, and before bed.  If your hair is curly, you won’t need to brush this often because it how to brushcan end up relaxing your curls.  We recommend brushing before your showers if you have curly hair, about 30 minutes before. Make sure to be gentle and detangle with a wide toothed comb prior. This allows for the oils to re-soak into your scalp and hair.  Sebum will improve your curls strength and shine.

Brushing your hair nightly before bed is especially important.  By coating your hair with additional sebum, you set in motion new, healthy growth while you experience the renewal of sound sleep.

How to Clean a Boar Bristle Brush

I would recommend cleaning your boar bristle brush weekly.  You will get lots of build up of toxins, oils, and dirt.  Here is the best way to clean your boar bristle brush:

  • Remove the hair with a wide toothed comb, carefully so you don’t pull out any bristles
  • Gently cleanse with MM shampoo (or water), using a cloth to wipe
  • Rinse only.  Do not submerge brush. This can cause mold
  • Squeeze excess water that may have gotten trapped in the rubber cushion
  • Lay your brush on a towel with the bristles facing down to dry

Here are the full instructions on how to brush your hair with a boar bristle brush.

Here is a great article with some benefits of boar bristle brushes and advice on how to brush your hair!

Have you been brushing correctly?

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