Puskar’s Path Adventures | Experience Nepal like a Local

Custom Nepal Adventures with your personal guide: Garrett, Nepali name “Puskar”.

Cycling, trekking, spirituality/yoga, cultural immersion, whatever it is you want to experience I can guide you there.


A simple Google search will show you numerous trekking companies working in Nepal, all of them doing the same trips to the same destinations….

I am not another trekking company.

I want to offer adventurers an opportunity which other agencies do not, unique and genuine experiences with local people in places where tourists don’t normally go. Sure, doing a tea-house trek in the Himalayan Range is an amazing experience, and I encourage it, but if you are looking for something more, something truly special, traveling off the tourist’s path is where you want to go.

Puskar’s services provide…
1. Travelers with unique and genuine experiences with local Nepalis
2. The benefits of sustainable tourism to Nepali villages off the beaten path
3. Cultural exchange and understanding between travelers and Nepali people

Your Guide: Garrett, or “Puskar”, has spent 4 years living in small, rural villages of Nepal serving as a community mobilizer. His time in Nepal taught him not only a new language and culture but a new way of life. Now, he wants to share that with you.

“Nepal is such a wonderful place… between the immense beauty of the land, the humble hospitality of the people, and unique culture, every single moment is a new adventure and learning opportunity.”
~ Garrett/Puskar

Website: PuskarsPath.weebly.com

Email ID: gmorris123@yahoo.com

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