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seaweed, beach, rawI used to know only of the seaweed on the beach at the seaside. I learned all about the different seaweeds (also known as ‘sea vegetables’), which I now love and have been using for several years. I have noticed a positive difference in my skin, hair, digestion, energy, etc. They contain more minerals than land vegetables and possess so many health properties. Before you get all enthusiastic and want to eat lots of them, I would recommend that you start gradually, as they can be detoxifying. It can take a week or so for the body to adapt its enzyme system to digest the sea vegetables. It also takes a while to adjust to their flavour and effect on the body. Over time, sneak some into whatever meals you are having and you will hardly notice they are there.

Make sure you haven’t got an allergy to iodine, though. And if you are taking thyroid medication, it is best to seek a qualified practitioner, who may recommend you to introduce only very tiny amounts.

They are extremely low in calories. Japan remains one of the world’s largest sea-vegetable producers and exporters, and seaweeds are used in many macrobiotic dishes. Clearspring is the most popular make, and I use its products regularly. Another brand I use is Algaran, which is from Donegal in Ireland.

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Hijiki is the best seaweed for looking beautiful. It is high in calcium and fibre and helps regulate high blood-sugar levels. It purifies the blood of damaging toxins and has 16 times more calcium than milk per unit measure and also 8 times the amount of iron as beef. According to Japanese folklore, eating hijiki is better than any shampoo when it comes to keeping hair thick and glossy. It also promotes beautiful skin. Natural beauty from within! So, before you get too enthusiastic, this seaweed is only recommended to be eaten about once a food awakeningweek as it is detoxifying. Be aware that it trebles in size when soaked. It does have a strong taste, so make sure you put it in dishes with tasty flavourings. It will need soaking for about 20 minutes and cooking for at least 20 minutes.

One of the reasons I love Morocco Method hair products is that most of them contain seaweed. Anything you apply to your hair or skin does get absorbed by the body so you will be doubly nourished which is wonderful.

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