Dealing with Davey’s Doggy Dandruff

MM Social Media Specialist Adrian loves his dog, Davey. Both are on a grain-free diet, and both are MM users. While Adrian’s hair type is oily, Davey struggles with dry skin and dandruff—making them the perfect team!

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My dog was grain-free before me. Upon recommendation from our rescue group, we bought our dog grain free kibble and premium wet food. What’s funny is that year later, I am now slowly transitioning to a Low Fodmap Diet (#glutenfree) to finally deal with my gastrointestinal issues.

Meet Davey, MM’s Top Dog

Davey was always a special dog. When we adopted him, he pranced about so lightly on walks that people on the street would compliment his interesting gait. Within a year, we realized that his trot might be attributed to the regression of his ability to walk. The following months of physical therapy and electro-acupuncture only did so much good, and Davey was swiftly reduced to crawling on his front legs. With special attention to his hygiene and hard work, we have extended his life.

Treating Davey’s Dandruff

Davey is now two years older, which is considered a second lifetime for paraplegic dogs. When we moved back to California, Davey became a ranch dog, with the all-important job of watching for trouble from the comfort of his porch bed. Unfortunately, his new position leaves him exposed to rather dry conditions, and his coat has become ridden with dandruff. We’re afraid that his inability to dust off dead skin leaves him rather itchy.

Davey enjoying his Euro Oil treatment!

I decided to treat Davey’s dandruff using leftover products from my Healthy Hair Starter Package. Since I have oily hair, I had not used my Euro Natural Oil and the Sea Essence Shampoo, as they are considerably conditioning.

Before rinsing Davey, I applied a layer of Euro Natural Oil in his dry areas. I gently rubbed the oil with the Daily Scalp Massager, as his skin is a bit too sensitive for regular dog brushes. I left the Euro Natural Oil in for five minutes before washing him down and applying the Sea Essence Shampoo. Upon drying him down and leaving him to briefly dry off in the shaded grass, I found less lingering skin flakes on Davey’s black coat.

Since its summer, MM recommends that our customers use Euro Natural Oil once every week or two weeks. I plan on treating Davey again soon with our deep conditioner and a cleansing shampoo.

Davey relaxing on the porch with his Euro Oil and Scalp Massager. . .

To receive updates on Davey or for help in developing a plan for using all natural MM products for your dog, feel free to contact us at We’d love for your dog to go chem-free with you.

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