Your Worst Enemy: Not Understanding Ingredients on Labels

Your goal with hair and body care products is likely to cleanse and beautify yourself. But what if 89% of those ingredients are not evaluated by the FDA for safety?

Did you know your skin is the largest organ of your body? It weighs around 6-8 pounds and covers approximately 18 square feet of surface area.  There are 3 ways the skin absorbs what we put on it: hair follicles, sweat glands, and skin cells.

Pine Shale Shampoo

The chemicals presented on labels are often hard to read and very toxic to the bodies of unknowing consumers. 

A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot pronounce the ingredient, it is best to stay away from it!

However, there is an exception to that rule. Some enlightened companies will display the genus or biological name of an ingredient and these words can be difficult to pronounce. This is when you do your research and investigate it.


Let’s take for example our Pine Shale Shampoo. Among the ingredients, you’ll find Myristica Fragrans. This is an evergreen tree where nutmeg comes from.

You will see throughout all of our labels that we offer recognition for the genus name of a plant or ingredient. This allows us to provide full transparency on our labels.

Unfortunately, you cannot depend on all hair care ingredients to be safe today or to share full transparency on their labels.

 A study shows that safety testing is a voluntary act set by manufacturers

That can be a bit frightening if you don’t know how to read labels or which companies to trust.

Why Should You Care?

Everything that goes on your skin and scalp gets absorbed into your body. It then makes its way into your bloodstream. The liver must then process each chemical, as the main function of the liver is to detoxify and filter the blood. With daily use of toxins, we weaken our immune system which can result in major health issues.

A whopping 55% of these products contain penetration enhancers. This potentiates the ability of the skin to absorb these chemicals. What’s more frightening is that some of these enhancers contain human carcinogens. 

One real example – a shampoo by a leading salon brand contains four ingredients with potential cancer-causing agents:

  • Cocamide DEA,
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine,
  • Polyquaternium-10, and
  • Polyquaternium-7 

Additionally, it has five penetration enhancers in it, alongside 15 other ingredients that have not been safety tested by the FDA.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

This particular product also comes with synthetic fragrances that can irritate the skin and increase the effect of allergens. These synthetic fragrances are problematic for the endocrine system, which is a set of glands that produce hormones that regulate different processes in the body.

Many of the chemicals in commercial products today are major endocrine disruptors. If a foreign chemical disrupts the message pathways, different health issues can arise.

An endocrine disruptor can result in developmental disorders, birth defects, and tumors. It can also cause hair loss, excessive shedding, itchy skin, rashes, and general immune issues. The immune system has to work on overdrive to try and rid the body of these poisons. Some people can even have autoimmune reactions to these unnatural ingredients. 

An autoimmune disease is an abnormal immune response to a normal body part. The body attacks itself and the immune system is then on “hyperdrive”. It works hard to defend itself from a potential threat. These types of chemicals confuse the body causing these unfortunate health issues.

Do You Prefer a Chemical Cocktail or a Pure Elixir of Health?

Elixirs Morrocco Method

At Morrocco Method, our aim and goal is supreme health for you and your family. That is why we do not use any questionable ingredients that could jeopardize your wellbeing.

Each ingredient that goes into our formulas is hand-selected by Anthony Morrocco (the Hair Shaman) and his team. We also provide full disclosure of all ingredients in each product.  From our revitalizing shampoos to our healing hair elixirs, we have your health in mind.

We Stand By That Promise. 

Our products are:

Sulfate Free – free from artificial foaming agents unsuited for the human body, like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and ammonium laureth sulfate.

Cruelty Free – we do not test on animals and have been screened and certified by the Leaping Bunny Organization.

Made in the USA – we are proud to contribute to our local economy.

Gluten Free – for those sensitive to gluten, have no fear!

GMO Free – we commit to wild and organic hair care. Some examples of common GMO ingredients include soy, corn or canola oil, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, and maltodextrin.

Raw – we do not pasteurize our formulas. This makes them alive and bio-available, providing max nutrition to your scalp.

Paleo – free of chemicals and additives, adhering to the Paleo lifestyle.

Would You Like To Transition Away From Chemical Filled Products? 

Morrocco Method is here to help you succeed in that transition with a wild, organic and raw hair care line.

We recommend zen detox to lift out the toxic residues so that you have a clean and fresh scalp to start with. The scalp and follicles will no longer be plugged up by a slew of chemical ingredients so your hair will then have a good foundation to grow healthy, thick and strong.  

Feed and nurture your locks with our wild, raw, organic plant-based shampoos and conditioners. You will notice in a few uses that these formulas are like superfoods for your hair and scalp. They provide nourishment and elemental wisdom to every hair strand. 

Remember – if you cannot pronounce an ingredient on a label, it is best to avoid it or educate yourself about it. 

We want you to shine with great health and natural radiant beauty here at Morrocco Method. We’d love to hear your comments or questions in the chat below!

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