Natural Hair Education


Education has always been a major tenet of our company's philosophy. We invite you to explore our online library of educational resources, articles and videos to familiarize yourself with the world of holistic hair care. Learn about how the ingredients in your shampoos affect the health of your hair and scalp, as well as your overall well being. Through education we can lead the world to choosing only wildcrafted products that work in tandem with nature to revitalize and replenish our hair and bodies.

Helpful Henna Hints

How to Henna

How to Cover Gray Hair

For Gray or white hair MM Pale Blonde Henna is a great way to give grays and natural-looking golden hue. For stubborn grays you may need to switch to shades of brown henna.

Tips for Henna'ing Natural Hair

Looking for a conditioning, all-natural hair color for black women? Morrocco Method Henna Hair Color is an amazing way to color the hair without risk of damage. MM Henna is deeply conditioning and nourishing and is the perfect hair coloring treatment for afro-texture hair.

Natural vs. Chemical

Tips for Henna'ing Natural Hair

Natural hair color is a great solution to hair dye allergies. Have chemical dyes given you trouble? Well you might have a hair dye allergy. We've had customers email us saying they have a chemically dyed their hair for years and would get results like having their head break out in a rash.

Natural vs. Chemical

Advice from the Hair Shaman