Natural Hair Education

Brushing and Massaging

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Proper brushing and massaging are two of the most important elements in the maintenance and rejuvenation of your hair. They are second only to proper diet and the use of holistic shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.It is second only to proper diet and the use of holistic shampoos.

Daily brushing of the hair and scalp:

  • Far more cleansing than any commercial, artificial shampoo
  • Eliminates waste materials — deposits of uric acid crystals, catarrh and other acids and impurities that build up and become encrusted on the scalp
  • Stimulates the capillaries, increasing blood circulation and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the hair stem, root and bulb
  • Stimulates hormone- and oil- producing glands, which keeps the pores of the hair and scalp open, allowing them to breathe and retain their natural oils

Hair loss problems can almost always be traced to the sebaceous glands — the natural oil-producing and lubricating system of your hair. If the glands are out of balance, they will either:

  • overproduce sebum:
    - Hair follicles drown in their own oil, which interferes with the nourishment of the roots
    - Scalp is then weakened and the hair begins to fall out
  • under-produce sebum:
    - Roots and follicles become undernourished, causing the hair to become dry and brittle and eventually fall out.

Often the foreign matter from synthetic mousses, gels, sprays, shampoos and conditioners clog the pores and follicles of the scalp as well. These dangerous chemicals not only interfere with nourishment to the roots; they disrupt natural hair growth by confusing the sebaceous glands’ regulation of natural fallout and reproductive cycles.

Proper brushing and massage, when used in combination with holistic shampoos, helps bring the sebaceous glands into balance. Non-toxically cleansing your scalp and stimulating all glands and capillaries will nourish your hair to its radiant best!

Brushing is actually a form of dry-shampooing. Stimulation from the bristles distributes sebum throughout hair and scalp, making both stronger and more resilient. It’s also an excellent natural conditioner because coating hair with sebum as you brush restores moisture, giving hair added sheen, smoothed texture and greater manageability.


How to Brush your Hair

Only brush dry hair with a natural bristle brush. Stand straight, then bend over from the waist as far as possible, allowing blood to flow freely into your scalp. Firmly grasp your brush handle, moving through the areas of the nap, sides, and crown all the way to your front facial hairline.

Brush in slow, easy strokes for 3-5 minutes. Then straighten slowly. Your brush is now filled with sebaceous oil. Repeat the same procedure standing upright.

For those with curly, kinky, or coily hair, brushing is still beneficial! Do not confuse brushing with detangling or styling — this is purely a form of dry shampooing and maintenance. It is important to detangle beforehand. We suggest brushing your hair before bed, then putting it into protective styling (loose braids, two strand twists, etc.) to minimize the temporary poofiness.

 When to Brush

For optimal maintenance and rejuvenation, brush your hair three times a day: morning, late afternoon, and before bed. For those with curly hair, you can reduce hair brushing to once a week or more, but moving vital sebum throughout your hair strand will improve your curls' strength and shine.

For optimum maintenance and rejuvenation of your hair, it is vitally important to do consistent brushing three times a day: morning, late afternoon and bedtime. As you begin, sit quietly for a few minutes, breathing slowly and deeply through your nose. Calming your body (especially shoulders, forehead and scalp), releases any flow-blocking tension. Make brushing a regular habit. Nightly use of your brush is especially critical. By coating your hair with additional sebum, you set in motion new, healthy growth while you experience the renewal of sound sleep.

 What Brush to Use

Always use a natural bristle brush. Boar bristles are the preferred material, because they are almost identical to human hair in texture. This allows the sebum to be gathered and redistributed.

The Pure Boar Bristle Brush is very soft and ideal for thin, weak, or brittle hair. The Mixed Pure Boar Bristle & Nylon Brush has a single nylon fiber that penetrates normal to thick hair and helps with detangling.

 Cleaning your Brush

Build-up of oil and debris on your brush is completely normal, so here is how to clean your Morrocco Method Boar Bristle Brush:

  • Remove hair with a wide tooth comb, carefully so as not to pull out the bristles.
  • Gently cleanse the brush with some MM shampoo (or water), using a cloth to wipe.
  • Rinse only. Do not submerge the brush.
  • Squeeze out excess water that might have gotten trapped in the rubber cushion.
  • Lay brush on a towel with the bristles facing down to dry.


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Massaging Your Scalp

Scalp massage stimulates sebaceous glands and promotes circulation in the scalp. Plastic, metal, and artificial materials are potentially harmful to the scalp as they can scratch and irritate, so use our all natural rubber Scalp Massager & Invigorator. This massager is firm enough to give your scalp a deep massage, but gentle enough not to damage your sensitive skin or pull out hair.

 How and When to Massage

Massage your scalp 1-3 times a day, around the same time you brush your hair. You can also massage your scalp in the shower with our shampoos, to get a deeper, more nourishing treatment. For those with short hair, massage vigorously in a circular motion all over your head for 3 to 5 minutes, or until your scalp is tingling. For those with long hair, flatten your hair with one hand, place the massager straight down onto one area with the other hand, hold it with your palm and do short circular motions. Pull straight out to prevent tangling.


Multi-Purpose Uses

Lightly stroke MM boar bristles over your entire body to both aid in sloughing off dead skin cells (much more safe than any chemical-based exfoliant sold in drug or department stores) and rev up your healthy blood circulation.

Ladies will get a closer, smoother shave if they use their MM brush gently over legs before applying a razor.


Brushing and Scalp Massaging Testimonials

“Anthony Morrocco gave me back the top of my head! It’s amazing how little is understood about natural hair care — even among the medical community. My hair loss stopped thanks to the unique and powerful Morrocco Method holistic system.”

Dr. James B., Santa Monica, CA

“When I started using MM I had only a few strands of hair toward the front of my scalp. After a year and a half my hairline has grown forward almost ½ inch. With this kind of progress I have more confidence in my appearance and plan to quit wearing my hairpiece in a few months!”

Patrick, San Francisco, CA

“When my hair started to thin I began looking into natural and effective ways to save my scalp. The triumph of hair growth is the core as well as the joy of Morrocco Method.”

Larry, Newport Beach, CA

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