Natural Hair Education

Covering Gray Hair

For Gray or white hair MM Pale Blonde Henna is a great way to give grays and natural-looking golden hue. For stubborn grays you may need to switch to shades of brown henna.

For Less than 40% Gray

Try a single-step application of the Henna color of your choosing. Leave in for 2-4 hours.

For More than 40% Gray

First Time Users should choose one shade lighter than their non-gray hair. (i.e. Medium Brown for dark brown hair).

If you grays are not fully covered during the first application first try a second coat of your chosen color. Like paint sometimes henna needs a second coat for the true color to come out. Remember to Wait 72 Hours before applying a second coat of henna.

Covering Stubborn Grays

Have you tried all of the above processes and it’s still not working? Here’s some tips that might help, you can also check out our videos for more information.

  • Try a customized “in-between” shade
      • Blend 50% henna closest to your pre-gray and 50% of the next lighter shade
      • Note this only works for shades of brown do not use Light Blonde Henna
  • Use Red Henna as a filler
      • It sounds counter-intuitive but red can balance brown shades well
      • Combine a ratio of 10% Red Henna and 90% your chosen shade of brown
  • Use a Two Step Application
    • Start with Red Henna. Follow basic henna directions and leave in hair for 1 hour. Rinse and let your hair dry completely
    • Apply your chosen Shade of Brown

Remember Henna is not an exact science and it works differently for each person. Natural products take time but we are more than happy to help you with the process. Contact Us if you have further questions.