We are Raw, Vegan, Paleo & Wildcrafted.

Morrocco Method Int'l has provided the world’s finest in raw, vegan and paleo hair care for more than 40 years. All of our products are sulfate free, gluten free, and all natural. Each product, from our line of all natural shampoos and conditioners to our natural henna hair color, is created using a synergistic blend of live, wildcrafted ingredients that detoxify and nourish your hair and scalp. Begin detoxing and enjoy beautiful, naturally luxurious hair with Morrocco Method products.

New to Natural Hair Care?

Natural Hair Care

Healthy hair begins at the root. Like your body, your hair and scalp must detox the tox­ins and heavy met­als accu­mu­lated before you can begin your jour­ney to a health­ier self. Still not sure where to start?

Common Henna Hair Myths Debunked

We've been creating henna hair dyes over at Morrocco Method for decades now, and we know the ins and outs of how henna works and its many [...]