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Scalp Massager & Invigorator

Give yourself the ultimate scalp therapy! Our extra large scalp massager stimulates circulation, releases tension and invigorates your brain.
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What is the Scalp Massager?

4-1/2 inches in diameter the Scalp Massager is ideal for stimulating blood and air flow to the scalp and oil glands to try and help your sebaceous glands balance. Our scalp massager is made from all natural rubber.

Multi Use

  • Our Scalp Massager stimulates blood flow to the scalp allowing your sebaceous glands to produce a balanced, health-enhancing portion of sebum!
  • The internal benefits of daily massaging, combined with the external benefits of proper daily brushing, are essential for optimal maintenance and rejuvenation of your hair!
  • We recommend massaging your scalp one to three times daily using our rubber scalp massager. Remember; never use a plastic scalp massager because they can scratch your scalp, hindering its health.
  • To massage your scalp, simply begin at the nape of the neck where the largest concentrations of sebaceous glands are. Massage gently yet vigorously in a circular motion for three to five minutes until you feel your scalp tingling from the increased blood flow. By naturally cleansing your scalp and stimulating your glands and capillaries your hair will be nourished to its radiant best!

Pet Use

This natural rubber scalp massager is the perfect grooming tool to help remove shedding hair, dust and dirt from your pet's coat. It is very similar to a massage-curry comb used in horse grooming, except it is made from pure superior-grade rubber that is durable and flexible. It is gentle enough not to chafe, but strong enough to promote blood circulation. Use it during the winter to help promote new growth and help with shedding.


“For many years, because of a very hectic work schedule, I wore my hair very short, never having the time to take care of a regular length hair style. After learning the Morrocco Method, I realized that I could have healthy, beautiful, long, feminine hair without time consuming, unnecessary fuss. Following this method of proper brushing, scalp invigoration and using the natural holistic hair products, I now enjoy a carefree, thick, luxurious head of hair that takes only minutes a day and best of all, my husband loves it. Thank you, Anthony Morrocco, may your method bring as much happiness to other women as it has to me.”

“During menopause, my naturally fine, limp hair became so thin that I began perming, streaking and blow drying my hair to give it more apparent fullness. I soon tired of that and discovered your method of shampooing, brushing and massaging the scalp. Now, I'm enjoying watching my hairline filling and thickening. Thank you for making it possible for me to be free and have thicker, healthier hair. I am truly inspired, motivated and happy!”
-- Adelaide

“I have been using your shampoos and conditioners just since last Thursday, and I see a difference already. My hair is shinier and looks thicker. (How is this possible?) I just ordered a hair brush and cannot wait to start using that and tomorrow I should receive your scalp massager, so then I will have everything I need to obtain the best hair possible. I am excited! Thanks again for being willing to share your secrets!”

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Friday, 22 May 2015
I didn't think I would care for the scalp massager much, I worried it would tangle & damage hair, but it turned out to be an incredibly transformative addition for me. I always wondered, how can I exfoliate my scalp? This is not only the answer, but it does wonders while also being incredibly gentle. It's never pulled my hair out, I feel like my hair has more life whenever I use it. I will use this for the rest of my life. My housemate and cat also have their own now and I believe it's helped their scalp/skin issues as well.
Thursday, 21 May 2015
I use the Scalp Massager when i shampoo my hair every other day. The first time I shampoo, I use only my fingers. The second time I shampoo, I use the Scalp Massager to make sure I get a deep cleanse. It's incredibly invigorating in the morning, and I know that my hair and my scalp are not only clean but also getting the benefits from all the wonderful ingredients in the shampoos.
Saturday, 16 May 2015
When I first purchased this scalp massager I didn't use it very often. Now I use it all the time! My hair is thin, so I rub this massager around my head to fluff up my hair (like a natural method of teasing). Then I lightly brush my hair into place and it looks much fuller.
Rene Kehrwald
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Give yourself the ultimate scalp therapy! Our extra large scalp massager stimulates circulation, releases tension and invigorates your brain.
Morrocco Method
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