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Strengthen: Pine Shale Shampoo & Diamond Crystal Mist

The Lunar Strengthen Package strengthens the root, follicle, and bulb of the hair creating more resilient and unbreakable hair. Includes Pine Shale Shampoo and Diamond Crystal Mist Moisturizer and Conditioner.
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The Lunar Strengthen Package restores and strengthens the hair and scalp while discouraging breakage and promoting healthy revitalization. Containing the Pine Shale Shampoo to restore and strengthen the hair, this package will help to bring strength to the root, follicle, and bulb of the hair.

The Lunar Strengthen Package also contains the Diamond Crystal Mist which helps to stimulate and revitalize the scalp and hair. This package is designed to be used with the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting in order to optimize your STRENGTHEN hair goal.

Used in conjuction with the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting, this package will promote, fuller, more luxurious hair.


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