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Trial-Travel Set, 5 Shampoos

Trial Travel Set of 5 Shampoos includes travel sizes of all 5 of Morrocco Method shampoos. With each shampoo based on a specific element (Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether) this com­pact, zip­pered tote bag is perfect for taking your MM Shampoo on a trip or tucking it into any over-night bag.
Rating: 5/5
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Trial Travel Set of 5 Shampoos includes trial-travel sizes of all 5 of Morrocco Method shampoos in a sleek sealable bag, perfect to pop into your carry-on luggage or give as a gift. This package is perfect for new customers looking to try out the shampoos, as well as those who travel often.

For best results, we suggest rotating all five shampoos.

These natural shampoos are raw and filled with the most pure, hand-picked ingredients, making them great for all hair types.

"This product is amazing, but you need some patience to detox. Once your hair gets used to this product you will never want to change to any other shampoo. I use this product for everything now. I use them as make-up removers, shower gels and even to wash my delicates with. It just feels so healthy!" - S, Amazon Review

All MM Shampoos are raw, vegan, wild-crafted, gluten-free and low-sudsing.


Thursday, 21 May 2015
I must admit, it took a few months for my hair to adjust to these shampoos, even though I already used more natural, albeit foaming, shampoos previously. I spent those few months almost always wearing my hair up in a pony tail -- if I wore it down, it looked plasticy and stiff. But then one day it just magically transitioned into perfection! I rarely have to curl or straighten my hair to get it to lay well. Now it looks great all on its on, and I only wash it about twice a week!
Allison Rich
Saturday, 16 May 2015
I have used these shampoos for a few months and I really like the way my hair feels and looks. My friend said it has never looked this good. It feels fuller and not so dry, which is great as I have very fine hair and I do hi-lights as well.

Friday, 15 May 2015
I can't say enough about this hair line, in full. Everything they carry is top quality and amazing, I will keep coming back to them. The shampoos have completely changed my hair, with the help of my eating lifestyle and excesses buy just alone is wonderful. I dilute them in water and leave them on my hair anywhere from 10-30 minutes. I do wash twice, sometimes with a different organic shampoo or the morocoo method shampoo if I have more time. I get compliments on my hair always, it's one of my priced possessions and a hide deal is to this line of haircare!!! What you tale care of will prevail!
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